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Monitor Archive for February 9, 1984

Supermalls reap profits
Republican majority in jeopardy
Soviet-backed Syria and Jumblatt weigh their options
'Open Admissions': the play - not the policy - gets a high grade
Harold Washington profile shows more air time is needed to tell 'Inside Story'
Guides for starting your own business
News In Brief
Jesse Jackson and the Arabs
The woman who isn't afraid
Cable TV, after start-up losses, begins to get profits into focus
Rent controls for parking spaces? Some cities may be forced into it
One drinking age
News In Brief
Sniffing out profits in Chicago by marketing French perfume
Assessing impact of the Marine pullout
Entrepreneurial mothers: a growing business subculture
Heavenly 'Figaro'; classy Judy; comic Cleo; dangerous 'Fool'
High hopes for region's three-cornered economy
UN forces to Beirut not likely
News In Brief
AMC Jeep is high on luxury but low on fuel mileage
Soviet ideology and American rhetoric
Reagan off the hook - at least for now
The artist as iconoclast
Rebuilding a poor performance
At peace within
Should illegally-obtained evidence be used in court?
Heavenly 'Figaro'; classy Judy; comic Cleo; dangerous 'Fool'
British soccer going the way of US football - onto artificial turf
Falling jobless rate perks up employment forecasts for the US
Germany's Kohl sticks with sadder-but-wiser defense minister
Today's 'practical minded' students might make a hippie cringe
Basics-at-all-hours stores cash in on convenience, simple inventory
Canada's senators may have to face voters
Allen's 'Danny Rose' is funny the way movies used to be
News In Brief
Why the IBM PC spawned a mob of look-alikes
The US move
Heavenly 'Figaro'; classy Judy; comic Cleo; dangerous 'Fool'
The Beatles era
Europe tries to encourage Arab moderates to step into breach
A guide to the great achievers: author Chandler
States, industries respond to pesticide ban
News In Brief
Reagan offer for joint space station gets a cool response in Europe
Sexual harassment: a continuing employment challenge
Connecticut roads need new blacktop; O'Neill asks citizens to foot the bill
News In Brief
New bacteria find yields clues to the evolution of photosynthesis
Hockey controversy revives perennial Olympic eligibility debate
Shellfire puts US in direct conflict with Syria
News In Brief
Heavenly 'Figaro'; classy Judy; comic Cleo; dangerous 'Fool'
Carmakers turnaround
Deficits: the talk of Pennsylvania Ave
Midwestern stories of menace, despair; Places in the World a Woman Could Walk, by Janet Kauffman. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 132 pp. $11.95.
News In Brief
News In Brief
Time to rethink whether Massachusetts needs a lieutenant governor
News In Brief
Heavenly 'Figaro'; classy Judy; comic Cleo; dangerous 'Fool'
Living Theatre: still true to ideals, though today they seem dated
News In Brief