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Monitor Archive for February 8, 1984

Turkey warns 'inadequate' aid might peril ties to US ... but Greece says Reagan tips aid balance in Turkey's favor
News In Brief
Beirut's 'green line,' a symbol of division, returns
Turkey warns 'inadequate' aid might peril ties to US...
News In Brief
International treaties vs. private enterprise: Is alarm justified?
Sometimes Salvador rebels drop their guns - and go to the beach
Upbeat view on jobs picture
Scouring budget for those less flashy, but more intriguing items
News In Brief
'Selavy's Magic Theatre' careens uproariously across the stage
Venice's genius is captured triumphantly in London
Words of wisdom you won't find in Mao's little red book
US hopes for Beirut reconcilation fade as Syria toughens stand
Antinuclear protesters score a small victory
News In Brief
News In Brief
Space priorities
Plunging in
Critiquing the critics' choice of top books for '83
News In Brief
Deficits vs. prosperity: Fed chairman Volcker says US is at crossroads
Loss to Canada dims US hockey hopes
Single people spend more per person for weekly food
There's more than one way to make the perfect cassoulet
Spellbinders, fact-finders, and the '84 campaign
Clearing up some misconceptions about the Olympic Winter Games
Israel insists on border 'security,' whoever runs Lebanon
Remembering teen-agers, too
A sumptuous dinner for two - you couldn't do better at the Ritz
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Why not compose for the ear?
Christian discipleship
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The Fed's challenge
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Some good books to curl up with about zooming down the ski slopes
Two shuttle crewmen take a historic walk
Thinking of buying a home? It might be better to rent for now
TV and politics
Designing a faster sailboat, cars that fly
Cocos Islands' 'swashbuckling' era about to close
Japan moves to curb pollution caused by batteries
Stoop labor and who will do it
US dairy farmers keep on milking, despite cutback offer
French toast with a twist
News In Brief
Valentine's Day - a time to share a special pear
Belfast citizens pursue peacemaking in shadow of Nobel Prize winners
The invisible man at the Kremlin
All sides take stock amid Lebanon chaos
A call to order for US public schools
Britain's landscape; Britain, by David Gentleman. New York: Dodd, Mead & Co. 224 pp. $27.
News In Brief
Two masterly evenings of lieder
Basic industry going down the tubes? Only if you misread short-term signals