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Monitor Archive for February 29, 1984

Freedom's appeal
Pitching-rich Dodgers are confident in bid to repeat NL West title

Three virtuosos create vivid portraits of three concertos
Dear Robert and Ella

Mitterrand shuttles around Europe to avert EC's collapse
Socrates, will you please report to your computer class
Thank you, Susan
These hot sandwiches are more than just a plain old sandwich
News In Brief
Manila isn't Munich, it's Saigon
Margin for prudence
East Indian cooking is rich in flavor and easy to prepare
Mrs. Gandhi under fire in India's Punjab
News In Brief
Look closely at reporting as well as at candidates, panel says
New novels focus on old New York, Lewis Carroll, Elizabeth I; Seasons of Fear, by Philip McFarland. New York: Schocken. 250 pp. $15.95

Scrap the War Powers Resolution
News In Brief
News In Brief
Britons take issue with US policy toward Central America
Labour and unions square off against Prime Minister Thatcher
Potatoes remain a popular vegetable
It's me, Mary
Grace Commission findings won't go far enough to reduce US deficit, study says
News In Brief
News In Brief

Lack of burning issues in '84 - a plus for Reagan, a minus for Democrats
Iraq makes sure world watches Gulf

News In Brief
Congress looks for fat in defense budget
Networks - remember the voters
News In Brief

News In Brief
Reagan unscathed by Beirut failure
'Streetcar Named Desire' rolls again - on TV

Oyster roasts: informal, friendly, filling, and fun
Bran cereals add texture and flavor to pancakes, salads
A college student's campaign to aid his native Bangladesh
Friday to be 'World Day of Prayer' in 170 countries
Nigeria tries to bounce back to influence in midst of chaos
Hello, Lois Riley
Gu the Shanghai tailor shows entrepreneurs can thrive in China
Love's provision for each of us
News In Brief
News In Brief

Britons debate what kind of 'community' Europe should be

News In Brief
How to find your way through the financial supermarket maze