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Monitor Archive for February 2, 1984

'Open' courts - as much a public protection as a media right
To turn the tide of budgetary red ink, Flynn must coax more aid from state
Seven Democratic hopefuls debate foreign policy at Harvard
Reagan's '85 budget: optimism plus realism
Best Truffaut movie in years leads French invasion
Jean Fairfax: still devoted to proving justice is possible
London's teacher of the Bolshoi tradition
A month without Ma Bell breakup is inconvenient for customers, opportune for New England entrepreneurs
News In Brief
Nuclear cheating
Cat, listening for night to fall (Late winter)
Soviets may rely more on private farms
FCC affirms neutral stance on religious broadcasts as rumor on a ban persists
The second year of an upswing: past isn't much of a prologue
News In Brief
The butterfly. . .
Britain's royal family protects its air of mystery and reserve
Arms negotiator Rowny deals with the Soviets - and the American public
News In Brief
They don't care which brand you buy - they just want you to buy it
Road salt stirs debate in some snowy cities
Getting the audition
Khmer Rouge try desperately to win back popular support
On college basketball's 'democracy,' football bowls, 76ers' woes
The Federal Deficit; Congress readies its scissors and gluepot
News In Brief
News In Brief
A caring move for Africa
Being cozy without being cute
News In Brief
Brilliant ABT; Cleveland Quartet; limping 'Hypochondriac'; Pro Arte
Brazilian star Batata brings dazzling soccer act to Los Angeles
What are corporations looking for in female executives?
S. Africa tries to allay fear on nuclear plans
Brilliant ABT; Cleveland Quartet; limping 'Hypochondriac'; Pro Arte
Ma Bell's stepchild in Connecticut
News In Brief
Dodge Daytona: a performance car designed for the young at heart
Jordan's more assertive King faces US roadblocks
Brilliant ABT; Cleveland Quartet; limping 'Hypochondriac'; Pro Arte
News In Brief
Moon over Moscow
Brilliant ABT; Cleveland Quartet; limping 'Hypochondriac'; Pro Arte
The Federal budget; Few cuts for middle class, but 'working poor' feels brunt of social program trims
Is inaction enough?
News In Brief
The Federal Budget; More, more, more for defense: Reagan asks for his largest increase
The boom in sci-tech magazines: Is it going to last?
Journalist's thoughtful memoir; My Own, My Country's Time, by Vermont Royster. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Algonquin Books. 351 pp. $18.50.
Peering under the lid of DOE's environmental record
For fiscal '85, a 'sunny skies' state budget without 'rainy day' funds
Reagan's '85 budget: optimism plus realism
The crisis with our nation's water
News In Brief
News In Brief
Fallout from Kiessling affair could affect American-German relations
News In Brief