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Monitor Archive for February 16, 1984

Skating spotlight turns to USA's Hamilton, Sumners, and Zayak
Corea, Burton sizzle; 'Nixon's last tape'; Spanish Civil War heroes
The Incas' ingenious metalsmiths
Sending UN into Beirut awaits US-Soviet accord on how to do it
The Kremlin's global dilemmas
Alternatives to litigation
News In Brief
Filmmaker Forsyth: enchanting audiences with whimsy, mystery
Recession, yes or no: let's stop playing ostrich
The private sector is responding
Enke wins 4th medal; downhill postponed
The Soviet military: Will the brass get more polish or lose its luster?
Reagan weighs his options in Mideast as Lebanon government teeters
Warmth, hospitality of Sarajevo hosts impress Olympic visitors
Justice Department threatens to block planned steel merger
Gemayel faces defeat
Two good steps
Industrial Production Grows ...
Programming subtle mood changes in a room
Stars in the carpet
Middle East
Iowa turns out to vote, but what's a caucus, anyway?
Towns clamp down on video-poker machines to prevent illegal gambling
News In Brief
'The Good Fight'
Lebanon spinning out of US control
Chick Corea and Gary Burton
Communicating well a la Arnold Zenker
Bay State needs a speaker who will bring harmony to a House divided
An affordable 'first' house with touches of luxury
A town's TV-turnoff
Special note: 'Israel in Egypt'
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A child's homecoming
Congress: look at mergers
When adult children come home
Bargain basements giving way to boutiques
Round-faced Briton beams the BBC into his 'global village'
Marcos loyalists fight for spoils; opponents fumble
Playing and dancing
News In Brief
Fondness for losers
When a painter shoots from photographs
N.Y.C. Ballet searches for artistic future
Urban League chief sees 'another America,' one that needs help
S. Africa ignores US rebuke, begins destroying black farm town
News In Brief
Students looking for ways to get out the college vote in '84
The rising star of Nabih Berri, unlikely leader of Lebanon's rag-tag Shiite militia
Classy new Quantum leaves VW bargain image far behind
News In Brief
News In Brief