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Monitor Archive for February 14, 1984

Vendler finds clues to Keats's literary development in his odes; The Odes of John Keats, by Helen Vendler. Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Ha...
News In Brief
News In Brief
US money growth has some economists predicting fresh inflation
Chernenko as leader: Is orthodoxy enough?
News In Brief
Getting a head start on spring with fragrant apple blossoms indoors
Allies agree to 'speak softly' to Moscow
News In Brief
Carruthers duo ended US medal drought in electrifying fashion
On PBS: a singing group's glorious TV debut - also, 'Popular Neurotics'
News In Brief
Austin, Texas: a quiet oasis in a state filled with superlatives
US distorting Salvador rights picture?
Will KGB let up on Baltic dissidents?
Applications are sifted through fine screen at Bates College, Maine
US breaks five-year stall in productivity, but will change last?
News In Brief
Eastern Europe sniffs the wind for policy shifts in Kremlin
The public mood
Young Shanghai troublemakers find home at work-study school
Britain's ''Iron Lady'' bends toward Soviets - ever so slightly
Do-it-yourselfers pump their savings into larger, fuel-hungry cars
News In Brief
20th-century 'Galileo' to probe Jupiter
Moscow makes a choice
Spring's harbinger
in my love are all seasons one

US nurses, back from Lebanon, say US shells hit civilian areas
Fiscal caution for the states
Burger on lawyers
News In Brief
News In Brief
In US, Chernenko choice signals Soviet continuity
To my love with daffodils
Labor's help in Mondale drive calls spending laws into question
Sweet marjoram: an herb garden favorite
US to Chernenko
Hussein, Mubarak seek US aid against radical states
Another prince or princess on the way
Go merry, go round
From fad to full-fledged sport
'Wisdom, economy, and brotherly love'
Message hints that Assad, Andropov had secret meetings
Democratic free-for-all in Massachusetts for Tsongas Senate seat
Loud talk of splitting Swiss government coalition faded when it came time to vote
Judge Lucy Howorth: lawyer, feminist, organization woman