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Monitor Archive for December 6, 1984

Lobbying in Washington
Airline deregulation is sending CAB, the US regulator, to the scrap heap
India-type leak less likely here
Happy ending for depressed Alabama; Army-Navy revitalized
Rounding off the dollar - with no sense
Force and friends
How many guns are enough?
From my window overlooking the freeway
News In Brief
Bhopal's message
News In Brief
Military spending: hot topic in East and West
Farmers with a little to spare are helping feed world's hungry
Military spending: hot topic in East and West
The bite of winter spurs activity at New York homeless shelters
News In Brief
He shows us how to go
News In Brief
L. A. gang killings are down, but teen problems persist
News In Brief
It may not look stylish, but behind the wheel it's pure Maserati
Tracing lore of society's traditions
News In Brief
Maryland's maritime folklorist
Traveling exhibit showcases lives of black 'Women of Courage'
Taiwan tries to get its computer pirates off high-tech seas
News In Brief
Superb tour of exotic, troubled Pakistan; A Passage to Peshawar, by Richard Reeves. New York: Simon & Schuster. 240 pp. $ 16.95.
NASA's grand space-station program - is it too chauvinistic?
The splurge
News In Brief
Eastwood and Reynolds mock their macho images
Linda Ronstadt and Puccini: a troubled match
Redeeming old buildings is now No. 1 construction activity in US
Mineworkers' leader Scargill twists and turns to avert British law
News In Brief
'Le Monde' will never be the same
Dutch, Belgians delay decision yet again on new NATO missiles
News In Brief
Efforts to rev up Mideast diplomacy face major roadblocks
Protective custody: When does it violate a defendant's rights?
British Telecom stock sale has Labour saying 'Hold the phone'
Soviet authorities try to prevent their citizens from seeking nonmedical healing
With a modest rebuke, House closes book on Ferarro finances
News In Brief
Maltese suspicions about Libya heightened by assassination plot
Photography books - expert to novice
Movie Guide
News In Brief
Hong Kong wants transfer to be under British scrutiny
Canadian auto workers seek autonomy from UAW in move that could set trend
W. German documentary on concentration camp raises ruckus
Chicago economy lags behind rest of US, 22-year study shows
ASAT weapons' shadow over peace
Lobbying In Washington; Food, fund-raisers, fovors are lobyists stock in trade
Speaking out on human rights