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Monitor Archive for December 3, 1984

Douglas Leigh paints New York night sky from palette of lights
News In Brief
Market forces easing natural gas prices
News In Brief
News In Brief
One blue putter promotes compromise
Greeks thrive on underground market
Two new anthologies highlight whodunits and westerns; Arbor House Treasury of Detective and Mystery Stories from the Great Pulps, edited by Bill Pro...
January thaw
Why should the humanities matter?
With TV unregulated, anarchy reigns on Italy's airwaves
Legislature wrestles with court over Boston Harbor pollution
The ferns are soaked through
News In Brief
Quotable quotes
Healthy and safe in any weather
The Smithsonian's 'on the air' museum
French discover threat of computer theft when Post Office gives away Minitels
Hawke's Labor Party stays aloft in Australian election
Point of order . . .
Zaire's Mobutu rules through balance of respect and repression
From PBS, an irresistible musical menu
News In Brief
News In Brief
World takes small step toward freer trade in services
Tax-overhaul plan has serious flaws and could delay paring the deficit
News In Brief
Peggy saves the Common; Adam's Common, by David Wiseman. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 175 pp. $11. 95.
Canada's Mulroney tries to cut back government goofs and gaffes
Brotherly art
News In Brief
Top NBA rebounders not all skyscrapers
News In Brief
Gulf ports hope the Navy will hitch a battlewagon to their pier
Sharing the burden of European defense
NATO's solution
Composer Philip Glass - new solutions by creating new problems
French buck NATO trend, stressing nuclear power over conventional forces
Don't wait for a special occasion - throw a 'create an event' party
Let children be children by concentrating on what truly matters
VALS: sophisticated way to entice consumers
News In Brief
Success in art- an elusive goal
Democrats note need to place principles over special interests
Pretoria's pressure on press puts credibility of S. African journalists on the line
News In Brief
Wall Street shows it's none too pleased with US tax proposal
Deadening of a novel: 'The Sun Also Rises' sinks as a miniseries
Where the action is: price deregulation spawns a spot market for gas
Ongoing copper strike may erode US labor bargaining patterns
Two French films - one sleepy, one freewheeling
House Democrats discuss need for change
In Chicago, prospect for a World's Fair in '92 meets skepticism
New Latin America-US think tank opened at University of California-San Diego
Threatening and threatened, grizzly bears and mankind encroach on one another
Europe's troubled film industry tries to hold the line against Hollywood imports
China may be helping ease Korean tensions
Israel counts on emergency aid from US; Congress expected to OK extra funds, but push for economic reform
News In Brief
Turkish- and Greek-Cypriot talks show signs of movement
What are you doing to that child?
Indochina's dry season gets off to hot military start
A market for Fritz's freeze
News In Brief
Weighing budget options.
Chicago isn't sure if newer means better
News In Brief
How an ill-considered pact brought war, dictatorship, and the bomb; The Fateful Alliance: France, Russia, and the Coming of the First World War, by...
Few colleges join Bates in dropping SAT
Penny whistle politics
AIA awards citation to Monitor
Learning by doing at a children's museum
Britain's Barnsley - a thorn in the side of Thatcher's government
The history of Northern Ireland and the IRA