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Monitor Archive for December 27, 1984

Reagan and '84
News In Brief
News In Brief
After 5 years, Afghan war is bleak
News In Brief
The Year in Sports
Gandhi in need of a strong mandate
News In Brief
News In Brief
GOP: winning the political battle for '88
The military and the shuttle
Opposing the MX
'85 Maxima - all new engineering, decor
Eight films that bucked 1984's tide of mediocrity
How Bonn keeps rein on inflation
Though US economy slows, Fed holds a strong hand
News In Brief
If courts let the air out of busing, will school desegregation go flat?
Promise of new life for a grand, old harbor
Christmas jingle: do it again next year
'Jerry's Girls' places bright talents in a drab, ill-constructed package
News In Brief
News In Brief
Staffing State
News In Brief
News In Brief
Harbor's assets as working port not being neglected by planners
Jerry Brown leads call for US schools to be computer equipped
The de-industrializing of Britain
More oil-price cuts?
Harbor cleanup effort still could sink into political quicksand
News In Brief
US inflation is down but not gone
Educators suggest four-tier career scale for teachers
'Jerry's Girls' places bright talents in a drab, ill-contructed package; Perfect art for the holidays
Keep US Postal Service first class
Friction, friendship at next week's Japan-US summit
'Jerry's Girls' places bright talents in a drab, ill-contructed package; Christman at Pops
France's 'nouveaux pauvres': In Paris, the numbers of homeless have soared
I was a 2 on the fun-meter . . . Matt's dog Sunny got a 9
Japanese bypass Merrill Lynch
The new Russians
Turkey takes a tentative step toward Soviet Union by signing trade agreement
A special friend
News In Brief
Changing fashions - from the Gibson girl to 'dressing for success'
Putting your life 'on hold'?
The cultural contributions of the horse
Unions hail closing of copper smelter
News In Brief
Inerest-rate stability
Postal workers get wage hike, but labor sees a setback
Republicans scored small but significant legislative gains Nov. 6
A critic's guide to books about the theater
Congress may ease rules on state enforcement of 55 m.p.h. limit
Complete without color