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Monitor Archive for December 24, 1984

News In Brief
News In Brief
Rules on transport of chemicals are varying and often weak
Chile tries to squelch nervy, budding student movement . . .
News In Brief
Ma Bell regains some of its tone for investors
Space for peace
The Kennedy Center Honors - good viewing on Christmas Day
Wild Montana country, a boy coming of age: ingredients for a good, old-fashioned novel
US and UNESCO: fork in the road
The critic's role: to encourage talent, never to dictate to it
Taking care of babies and their families
'Oh, Christmas tree . . . '
Huffy, No. 1 US bicyclemaker, is pedaling fast this Christmas
Oil prices and stock prices: a fall in the one should aid the other
Healing is the true spirit of Christmas
...while regime itself grows more belligerent to US pressure
China, USSR take step forward
News In Brief
News In Brief

Freezing leftovers: how to do it right
A Christmas call for wholeness, harmony in individual lives
News In Brief
Milton repealed
US commercial plane industry sees lift A look down the long-term runway shows favorable pattern for investment
Soviets capture Olympics, but US shows its mettle
Celtics, 76ers in their own basketball orbit - at least for now
Want to trade in your old jumbo jet? Boeing will deal
News In Brief
A year later, democracy gains under 'economic revolution'
News In Brief
Brooklyn offers jail alternative to small-time criminals
Father of modern Greek democracy plays coy politics
Pair of upsets supply exclamation point to end of tennis year
News In Brief
Limit on defense troubles Japan
Campus protest about-face A young conservative takes aim at Ivy League liberalism
News In Brief
Time to ban the use of starvation as a weapon of war
US economic recovery is still onstage; power of oil cartel takes exit
News In Brief
Holiday volunteers People who find the spirit of Christmas by giving of themselves
Best-funded candidates won many close '84 contests
Warnings on chemical containers don't always tell the full story
West Germany's antinuclear activists scale down their plans
News In Brief
Alas: TV, not books
'What's to-day?'
Labels, logos, and fakes: easy bait for suckers?
Moscow's 'safe choice' Kremlin reaffirms preference for seasoned officials by naming Sokolov to top Soviet defense post
China's students challenge 'scandalous' problems at college
'We may choose something like a star'