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Monitor Archive for December 20, 1984

True womanhood is blessed
Meese seems a shoo-in for attorney general, despite opposition
ART's controversial and lyrical productions; painter Scott Brodie
News In Brief
Where is the rest of the universe?
Be it ever so humble, there may be no place like aging Boston Garden
Researchers report genetic breakthrough
Senator Kerry will 'look homeward'
News In Brief
News In Brief
Bernie, I saw you
News In Brief
NATO takes a good first step
Politics, religion: tough balancing act for Bishop Tutu
'Cotton Club' could be Coppola's long-sought hit
GOP conservatives hit Reagan for less-than-hefty cuts in defense
Basque infighting forces area's president out, threatens home-rule
News In Brief
Jobs aplenty for immigrants
Off the wall
Lebanese Army's travails bode poorly for south Lebanon talks
Rising curve of crime statistics reversed in most Boston suburbs
News In Brief
News In Brief
West looks best for white ski holiday; World Cup racing update
News In Brief
US immigration officials impatient for reform
The benefits of working as a volunteer
News In Brief
Dialogue in Europe
TV ethics - still hidden by a cloud of ratings points
Gearing up for arms control
'Look! A rock!'
Media ethics
Importance of the Time trial to General Sharon's future
News In Brief
News In Brief
Up for anything
News In Brief
When buffoons ruled the Great White Way; The Great Clowns of Broadway, by Stanley Green. New York: Oxford University Press. 247 pp. $19.95.
Economy signals continuing growth
ART's controversial and lyrical productions; painter Scott Brodie; Scott Brodie in transition
News In Brief
News In Brief
The Swiss - with a grateful yawn - have steady money supply
Zanuck, a home-grown movie mogul; Zanuck: The Rise and Fall of Hollywood's Last Tycoon, by Leonard Mosely. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 424 pp. $19.9...
US, Soviet leaders maneuver for edge in upcoming talks.
IMF tries to chaperon Philippine government out of its economic turmoil
News In Brief
Rules for interfering
Gentle rains feed Africa's hope
New from Bach
Hong Kong settlement set in ink
Escalation of Gulf 'tanker war' comes as no surprise
In Europeans' view, US economic policies are less than angelic