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Monitor Archive for December 14, 1984

A puzzlement
News In Brief
Factory seconds offer low costs and high quality
Towns wary of nearby chemicals. Residents close to Union Carbide's Georgia plant knew little of hazards
Moscow winces as Peking pulls down Marxist bridge
News In Brief
Tips from New York experts for your own 'great entertaining'
The basque country of Southwest France. An ancient land of seacoast, tiny villages, spectacular scenery
Learning to tell the computer who's boss
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
East Coast vs. West Coast - is it time to bury cliches?
Facts on International Court of Justice (or World Court)
The Golden Bough of Abingdon Square
Rejected toxic gas shipments come back to US in containers intended for export
All wars should be fought in this garden
Sharon scores points at home
The wonders of Santa Fe - art blossoms in the desert
'Jewel in the Crown': the Raj recounted
Soviets justify Central America policy
A city uses its conservation concepts
News In Brief
News In Brief
Two painters talk about the challenges of being a black artist
News In Brief
Henderson, Lynn switch coasts in flurry of major baseball deals
Time for a coherent Reagan economic policy
News In Brief
Democratic helm
Living in a solar subdivision: the pluses and minuses
Shultz acts to position career policymakers. It is seen as quiet process of professionalization
'Peace on earth'
Teacher's saga: Veni, vidi, vici
A one-time countercultural corner has new agenda for growth
A Child's Christmas in England, Scotland, and Wales
News In Brief
News In Brief
Holiday shopping uptick lifts retailers
A journey through old Cairo is a journey down the centuries.
News In Brief
Donovan seeks federal court trial to hasten his return to Reagan Cabinet post
Grenada's new moderate leaders are depending on US to revive their island
China's computer Cupid finds dates or mates
N. Ireland hopes Christmas carols will drown out din of bomb blasts, rifle fire
Holiday window shade project for children
Nov. 6 result: more US women in governmental leadership posts
News In Brief
'A Christmas Carol' like none other
Oregon has come far toward shedding an antibusiness image
All stuffing and no tree
The cottages and castles of English women: an armchair tour
A step toward solution of Cyprus problem
Actress tells of life with the Royal Shakespeare Company
Don't leave transportation behind
Andrew Carnegie and 'big' business
A little sponging adds new life and color to furniture
The World Court US case will test its credibility
Belgians and US veterans quietly recall the Battle of the Bulge