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Monitor Archive for December 12, 1984

Europe and developing nations agree on innovative trade pact to speed change
New Caledonia sets terms for French negotiations
2007, Eric Dickerson's record yardage odyssey, has a game to go
Japan OKs agreement to end sperm whale hunting in '88
Britain's coal strike fueled by suspicions, anger, bitter memories
Study backs theory that nuclear war would alter world climate
Canadian UAW sees pullout as step for its own bargaining
Huge planet believed orbiting a star outside solar system
Pluses and minuses in having your own investment computer
Unmuffled debate
Reagan wants to abolish economic advisers panel
Serkin: utter rapport with the music
Bhopal tragedy resounds for other multinationals
Coffeetable books celebrate the wild, the sublime, the sumptuous
A cautious battle against terrorism.
Arms control: it will take lots of time and effort
Feeding the children of Ethopia - and ourselves
Union's resistance to Hormel wage cuts parallels labor's '84 bargaining stance
Germany's Greens convene, squabble - and remain undecided
Teleconferences on the rise in efforts to foster US-Soviet peace
Soviets to help Syria build nuclear reactor
Foundation stone of mosque is laid in Rome near Vatican
New, versatile battle tank reported on the way in China
Two clans
Spanish, including the Socialists, seem apathetic about politics
US raises volume of criticism of S. Africa

From the affluent to the poor: the world's eating trends
Rees as RSC Hamlet: disappointing. But 'The Party' proves to be a near-perfect revival
Concoct some holiday cheer with books for expert and novice cooks
US now should back Philippine transition
Space welcome mat out for Halley's comet.
Belgian bombings stir Western concerns over terrorism.
'You don't need the masterpiece to get the idea'
Ethiopia said to be forcing famine-struck families to resettle
Keep the economic council
Soviet weight lifters compete in Canada despite drug cloud
UNESCO, information order win backing in UN Assembly
Shultz says US must defend itself against terror attacks
Judge cites EPA, former chief over lack of radiation norms
Last of skyjack hostages leave Tehran for Kuwait
Hitler's art reveals a 'decadent romantic'
Nature, nostalgia, and a certain Western frame of mind
Abolish CEA? Who will counsel White House on economics?