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Monitor Archive for December 11, 1984

Repairs begin on Statue of Liberty's weathered nose
An international fund - what the well-balanced portfolio carries
News In Brief
Ewing-powered Georgetown favored to continue basketball reign
The librarian at Fort Yukon
The new and improved Sugar Daddy - no strings attached
America's Overcrowded Prisons Most-promising alternatives: community service, restitution
News In Brief
News In Brief
Two troupes in one English town offer a study in contrasts
World Peace - a new momentum
News In Brief
Tax revision: still alive
Europe keeps close eye on shifts in US export control policy
'Camille' - a flower that never blooms
News In Brief
News In Brief
South Africa
British Parliament entering television age - inch by anxious inch
Salvador right reassured by peace impasse
China dilutes Marx in words as well as deeds
Tutu: racial reconciliation
Britain and Ireland join forces to improve cultural, religious relations
Safer funds again outshine glamour fare for Vanguard's chief
News In Brief
News In Brief
America's Overcrowded Prisons Jammed jails trouble Europe, too.
Reagan's UN appointee: a chance to bolster his peace plans
Israel presses for accord in Lebanon talks.
A story told in dance and uproariously energetic music.
Russians sidestep US high-tech embargo
South Africa lifts detention orders on key dissidents
Washington's two-way street to Baghdad
Ask the Gardeners. Q & A
An investment field where staying power is extra wise
Helping a child learn to like the nest egg in her Christmas stocking
A taste of Disneyland in an African city.
News In Brief
European Community sputters toward lead-free gas
News In Brief
News In Brief
Some reasons for buying funds and tips on which ones to choose
The year's best short stories
Robert Burton on being an observer
Sizing up a fund for its roller-coaster effect
Two Northwest cities a tale of prosperity, but the hinterlands lag
Cycladic cycle
The delicate art of transporting delicate art
Order on Tehran's tarmac
US taste for the tomato
US treads delicate line as Marcos opposition grows
Lackluster gold market has bright side: world inflation is on the run
News In Brief
Hoisting history from the deep.
Spiritual stillness
Environment agency restored: Ruckelshaus
White House carefully planning arms talks
Under the greenwood tree
Salvadorean woman tells Americans of human rights abuses. But US denies visas for four others it says are advocates of terrorism
News In Brief
America's overcrowded prisons; cruel and unusual punishment?
West's China traders learn to pack patience in their briefcases
US unions urge review of safety standards after disaster in India