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Monitor Archive for November 9, 1984

New rivalry has US financial firms driving to prod productivity
How Marxist Ethiopia meets the West's press
Western Democrats see Mondale loss as chance to reform party
Education beyond the classroom.
Two ways to sail down the Nile
Trends In Furniture.
A capsule history of the Panama Canal
Mixed election results make future of New Right agenda unclear
News In Brief
Chilean police confiscate magazines as Pinochet imposes censorship
The shine on the Canada side
Reagan arms policy: a jolting look inside.
Reagan reelection is a boost for continuity in US foreign policy
Thai military attacks currency devaluation and demands Cabinet shuffle
Big voter-registration drive nets tiny increase in turnout.
News In Brief
News In Brief
With US election over, Arabs hope for Reagan moves in Mideast
Germany's Kohl testifies about Flick donations
Isolationism: how Armistice Day became Veterans Day
Canadian businesses send mail 'Buffalo Express'
News In Brief
Cruising the spectacular Panama Canal
Voters trim tax-cutters' sails.
Vintage deficit
News In Brief
Divine guidance in business
Sir Frederick Ashton: still crown prince of British ballet
News In Brief
Exploring the boundaries where religion and politics touch
Apartment living: of leases and landlords
News In Brief
Will Indian foreign policy shift?
News In Brief
Washington's Don James a quiet force behind No. 1 college team
News In Brief
CBS miniseries 'Ellis Island' is a parade of paper dolls
Priorities for the next four years.
Israelis cool toward price freeze
A win, a loss for GOP senators highlight role of conservatives.
Where the skiing is in Colorado, Utah, and New England
Polling power
Priorities for the next four years.
A win, a loss for GOP senators highlight role of conservatives.
The perils, delights of Virgin Island golf
Choosing Senate leaders
Gaining a GOP majority - the hard way
What one veteran remembers
Maui: a swing through the island's wide-open Upcountry