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Monitor Archive for November 6, 1984

ZAIRE; An African nation rich in natural resources but plagued by political instability and economic stagnation
Jailed Cubans protest while lawyers seek review for 'detainees' in US prisons
Fundamentalist coalition rallies conservative vote
News In Brief
The arts have a friend in this television station
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A hard look at the religious right; Redemptorama: Culture, Politics, and the New Evangelicalism, by Carol Flake. New York: Anchor/Doubleday. 300 pp....
Women candidates: more running, but few expected to win
Democracy and I
Who owns scrap of sand called Taba? Israel wants to end dispute
Quick quiz: Which corporation sponsors which public TV show?
News In Brief
Some kind words for the Fed for tempering money flow
Know thine enemy
A victory for mapmaking
Corporate arts funding: the view from the capital
How security faltered in Gandhi slaying
Aiding Ethiopia
Cy Young Awards raise issue of how to value starters vs. relievers
Shuttle set to try to retrieve two satellites
Redgrave's latest role is in court
News In Brief
News In Brief
High-tech engineers tune in to advanced degrees on 'TV breaks'
Business gives birth to new arts magazine
Read any good bills lately?
'Baby Fae' case raises tough issues
Making certain public television gets the help it needs
Philippines bog down over type of trial military chief will get
Candidates' skillful use of the media
Correcting with love
News In Brief
Wooster Group explores mass hysteria, new theatrical territory
Polish recovery depends on how officials probe priest's murder
Palm Beach, Fla.
Canada opens up on gas export and hails big Arctic oil strike
Supporting the arts helps shine up the corporate image
Creating Chernenko the Strong: the Kremlin reshapes an image
China looks for new brass
The great debates: a reminiscence
Team ventures
Tocqueville on the bustle of freedom
German entrepreneur guilty of tax evasion
News In Brief
The blossoming of corporate arts support
From flowers to hardware, small business pitches in
New leaf shredder handles the bane of home gardeners - wet leaves
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'Let's get on with it' is the mood in election-weary Washington
Frank Sulloway's $184,000 surprise
West Europe ponders joining US leap into a manned space station
Facing rising costs, theaters get into the fund-raising act
News In Brief
US entrepreneur plans science parks in Europe
Vice-presidential campaign alerts public to linguistic bias
At Scopia, they sculpt their art to fit the corporate need
Voters to get last word in battle of the polls
Squirrel on an oak limb
The CIA's misalliance with covert war
News In Brief
After election, Sandinistas remain under pressure to keep talking with opposition
News In Brief
Patriotism comes to radio: NPR dramatizes historic Americans