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Monitor Archive for November 5, 1984

South African track star Zola Budd forfeits international athletics
News In Brief
Reagan and Bush flap coattails for Congress candidates; Here's why the President has held lead for so long
News In Brief
Cypriot rivals may have basis for deal
Subjektive Fotografie
Long-term factors could pull US jobless rate below 7.4 percent
How the US voter turnout got so low
News In Brief
Kiss, kiss, says the disk
Florida to consider electing county commissioners from districts
World scans China turnaround; New economic tilt could affect many relationships
China curtain's up for more Western trade
Nicaragua vote seen as better run than Salvador's
Big Board: election day's no holiday this year
New paths at Next Wave: 'Democracy' stumbles; 'Desert' soars
News In Brief
News In Brief
Waiting for the movie
Bush and '88
Researcher suggests way to keep mobile Americans from losing their right to vote
Soviets launch pre-winter Afghan offensive to block supply lines
Outdoor corps
Election-night TV: analyzing the analyses
Reagan, Mondale camps stake out positions on science policy
Renovated cable cars hum a sour note for many San Franciscans
News In Brief
Getting food aid past red tape, war
Flashy forward Bernard King a leading depositor in NBA baskets
Beyond election day: US fine-tuners looking to nurture steady growth
Japan, USSR seek to narrow differences
PBS 'captures' the life of a Stone Age tribe
The key to a thriller is subtlety - and these films don't have it; Excesses spoil 'Terror,' 'Crimes,' and 'Thief'
Reagan and Bush flap coattails for Congress candidates; GOP mounts late drive for working House majority
Labor to seek job security in '85
News In Brief
Time runs out on campaigns with Mondale hardest pressed
Yankee traders will find Cathay has its own MBAs
PRIMITIVISM; A Vision Revisited
Jobs for Americans
'Dress for success' - a fashionable idea whose time has gone?
Will recent changes in US schools produce significant and lasting reform? President of LEARN predicts 'no'
News In Brief
News In Brief
Embroidery and ceramics help abandoned kids stay off the streets of Brazil
A statistical assault on 'bad-news bias; Ben Wattenberg's 'super numbers' reveal a rosier world than the media report; The Good News Is the Bad News...
News In Brief
Sudden Storm
Have 'the biggest stories of our era' been missed?
Experienced help for women balancing career and family
Mideast watches for OPEC fallout
The out-of-touch audience
News In Brief
Women in today's spy novels have come a long way, baby; Ride a Pale Horse, by Helen MacInnes. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 355 pp. $15.95....
Bikini Islanders push US to clean up after A-tests
You scratch my back ... a new chapter
Kohl and the Greens spar over West Germany's Flick affair
What am I electing?
Once A Little Frog
Bonn to sign Law of the Sea Treaty
Sikh-Hindu clash tests Mr. Gandhi; Violent backlash could build pressure for independent Sikh nation
News In Brief