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Monitor Archive for November 20, 1984

News In Brief
Grandma flew the farthest
News In Brief
Canine athletes snap up the newest sporting fad
News In Brief
Arming Afghan guerrillas: perils, secrecy
North and South Korea resume efforts to reunify their countries
S. Africa 'radical' warns other whites
News In Brief
Middle East changes
Q & A
THE DARK SIDE OF CHINA; 21 years in prison did not embitter Chue
Jin Yun Xin remembers her brother, the last Emperor of China
Key events in Korean relations
New service for personal computers offers direct link to satellite
Two poignant and probing books on growing up in Hollywood Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, by Dick Moore. New York: Harper & Row. Illustrated. 303 pp....
Satellite rescue may shed light on techniques for building space stations
Politics & conviction
Feeding Kampuchea's hungry: a study in crisis management; TRice, Rivalry and Politics: Managing Cambodian Relief, by Linda Mason and Roger Brown. No...
News In Brief
News In Brief
Despite tiffs, Miami's people build bridges
Japan's 'professional' stockholders profit by putting firms on the hot seat
Slatkin: A great conductor in the making?
News In Brief
News In Brief
France's blunder
Why Moscow's inner empire faces trouble over trade
Hanoi's troops in Kampuchea on verge of strike against guerrillas
Fergus and the black box
Drug-fighting volunteers 'make streets hot' for pushers in Boston
'Accidental Death of an Anarchist': a fool of many farces
Developing a sugar maple worthy of its name - Legacy
News In Brief
Pro squash circuit attempts to go big time with new fishbowl look
Britons flock to buy into phone company
The Bible: certain light for today
An arms-run economy: remembering Eisenhower's warning
A bit of Jazz an upbeat note at trade show

Leaping beyond the Rabbit, VW takes a swing with its new Golf
States, hungry for business, try grubstaking
News In Brief
Create your own African violet hybrids
South African white opposition opens party to all races
Businessmen hoist warning flags over tax simplification
Needed: a US foreign trade policy
Garth in the slanted rain
The coming industrial revolution
The all-important statistic
Computer trade: less hypey, more upscale
Searching for of a farming hero who brought soybean to US
Looking for friends, Iraq finds US looking to shore up Mideast
Matthew Arnold on sweetness and light
News In Brief
French mood sours as violent crime soars. The law-and-order issue is having serious repercussions for Mitterrand
Hunting for a literary hideaway in north Jamaica
Disputed goober quotas keep peanut farmers smiling
Peking duck for paprika: China ventures into East-bloc market
News In Brief