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Monitor Archive for November 2, 1984

Caveat emptor: perils of mail-order royalty
Nicaragua campaign races to chaotic finish
Soviets fall short as a full-service superpower
The intricacies of investing in Mexico
News In Brief
News In Brief
War memorial park
Sloppy science fiction: 'Buckaroo Banzai' bumbles onto the screen; Also, 'Teachers' doesn't pass - it needs to balance comedy, reality
The world responds to grim scenes of Africa's worst drought; From US, an outpouring of aid
Reelection paradox: landslide and loss of power
Living with nature's designs; Michael Taylor and his bold, dramatic interiors
The world responds to grim scenes of Africa's worst drought; A plea for help from the hungry
News In Brief
Reagan launches final-week drive with Boston rally
Rajiv Gandhi faces daunting task; Indian leader must quell riots, counter regionalism, preserve democracy
I like my candidate
Halting crime
Hunt or Helms: tough Senate choice; N. Carolinians like both moderate governor, leader of US New Right
A bittersweet victory for Israel; Talks are to begin Monday on pullout from costly adventure in Lebanon
Lear's nonsense artfully re-created; The Nonsense Verse of Edward Lear. Illustrated by John Vernon Lord. New York: Holiday Press. pp. 234. $8.95.
The golden glories of San Marco; Study of mosaics illuminates the tangled history of art, religion, and politics in Venice; The Mosaics of San Marco...
The subtle glow of pastels
A shakeout in Vancouver on high-spec stocks
A status report on teaching in Canada
An eyewitness account of hunger
News In Brief
Nakasone Cabinet reinforces Japan's image as 'member of the West'
Rizzoli USA
Editor's choice; A toute epreuve, by Paul Eluard. Woodblock prints by Joan Miro. Introduction by Anne Hyde Greet. New York: George Braziller Inc. 10...
Aaron Copland and the Golden Age of modern music
Nurturing self-expression through art; Why Art, How Art: A Comprehensive Curriculum Guide, by Jane Cook Bryant. Seattle: Special Child Publications....
American 'independence' in England; Back Home, by Michelle Magorian. New York: Harper & Row. 375 pp. $14.50. Ages 12 and up.
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A football attraction (Fullerton State) grows near Fantasyland
Signing up America to vote; More than 200 groups have been urging potential voters to sign on the dotted line in the most massive registration effor...
Will politics put the squeeze on public TV's programming budget?
What makes R films R? Ask Prof. Heffner
Putting a cost accountant's price on being human
Between soft covers
Soviets press to link CIA with Gandhi's murder
I just wanted to tell you I'm OK
'Now Tell Us About the War' paints an inner portrait of fighting in Vietnam
News In Brief
News In Brief
University press
Kenneth Patchen's exuberant picture poems; What Shall We Do Without Us? The Voice and Vision of Kenneth Patchen, by Kenneth Patchen. San Francisco:...
The language of art; Alice Neel, by Patricia Hills. New York: Harry N. Abrams. 207 pp. $30. Art of the Real: Nine American Figurative Painters, edit...
News In Brief
Negative politicking mars Illinois race
Nakasone: continuity in Pacific relations
News In Brief
Two English journeys, two destinations; English Journey: or The Road to Milton Keynes, by Beryl Bainbridge. New York: George Braziller. 158 pp. $12....
Do the imagemakers distort democracy?
The networks, the election, and projections
News In Brief
US home appliance industry having spin-cycle sales pace this year; Customers happy, too, as prices hold; but investors may have missed cycle
Will weapons in space preclude cooperation on civilian projects?
Your election