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Monitor Archive for November 19, 1984

News In Brief
News In Brief
Race for Senate leadership is a Rubik's Cube of possibilities
News In Brief
Iraq, set to renew ties with US, tries to boost position in Mideast
Chug-and-sputter market is rattling investors
Swiss males protest loss of status as king of the castle
Westmoreland testifies; Time editor warns of libel-suit 'menace'
Reference books track Reagan record, roles of federal agencies; The Reagan Record, edited by John L. Palmer and Isabel V. Sawhill. An Urban Institut...
Fordie Madeira: busy mother of triplets and world class runner
French dealings with Qaddafi irk the US
Grinzing honkers
Stalin's daughter tells press she was 'not free for a single day' when living in West
US diplomacy task in Philippines
As Minnesota goes, so what!
Think tank's ideas on education
Small nations protest bigger-power claims to Antarctica's riches
The Ewoks have returned - but two hours might be too long
Famine and politics
Preserving world's endangered cultures
News In Brief
High hurdles loom on deficit-cutting course
Egypt wins round against Libya by foiling assassination plot
Decorative art
In Houston: a show that's not heroic - but still educational
Tibet: behind the screen of myth and legend; Tibet and Its History, by Hugh M. Richardson. Boulder, Colo.: Shambhala. 327 pp. $19.95.
News In Brief
Rights commission head speaks bluntly
Corporate saga of John Deere; John Deere's Company, by Wayne G. Broehl Jr. New York: Doubleday. 870 pp. $24. 95
Thanksgiving tales of dinners for Democrats and blessing peas
How car care is tuning in to specialization
Japan's 'professional' stockholders profit by putting firms on the hot seat
Artists' other endeavors
News In Brief
What's up for schools in 2nd Reagan term
British-Irish summit unlikely to live up to expectations
News In Brief
The states' agenda
News In Brief
Taming federal deficit will take more than US seems to have in mind
Pentagon view of Nicaragua, arms control debate
Love is . . .
Is Europe winding down - or just pausing before its second wind?
Lemon of a used-car ruling
Independence: before they can learn, children must be allowed to try
To make beauty our daily bread
Klaus Tennstedt's illuminating touch
Youngsters from strife-torn areas share hopes for peace in US
US students share Japanese family life
News In Brief
News In Brief
Labour's antinuclear road map
Cracks in Mafia code of silence hold key to crackdown in Sicily
Church of England shakes up system
News In Brief
News In Brief
Kol Demama from Israel: dancers of sinuous silence
Retracing naturalist's 1867 trek across a very changed Southeast
News In Brief
Nicaragua moderates feel pinch of Sandinista-US tensions
Ice Magic
The Cinderella steel town that found its princes at home
Making a Good Kid
Chilean opposition admits protest failed to shake Pinochet
News In Brief
The missing ingredient