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Monitor Archive for November 13, 1984

Holiday open house: assorted refreshments for all kinds of appetites
Ferraro leaves uncertain impact on politics
Roman Catholic bishops debate liberal stance on US economy
News In Brief
Succulent goose from the land of Hans Christian Andersen
S. African strike points up new muscle of black unions
News In Brief
I said, 'Hey, what's so funny?'
News In Brief
Teton Science School: the classroom is the great outdoors
6-month stock outlook: fair sailing
News In Brief
Offering humanitarian help for half a century of world crises; Escape to Freedom: The Story of the International Rescue Committee, by Aaron Levenste...
Bell's advice
'No Small Affair': a small movie
State of siege in Chile - nuisance for some, nightmare for others
As 'The Mystery of Irma Vep' unravels, laughs come tumbling out
A think tank for artists in New England woods
No matter how you slice it, chicken is still a traditional favorite
Japan turns an ear toward Soviet Union
How South Africa uses its security laws to imprison black political opponents
CBS libel trial could cool press investigations
'Over the river and through the wood, to (a restaurant) we go'
Mince pies: England's sweet treats for the Yuletide season
Producer prices continue on downward course
Elegant centerpieces to crown your dining table
Political scandals pile up in Italy, but Andreotti manages to survive
The tax campaign
Even the hair should laugh
Quotable quote
Reagan officials hope for brisk start on agenda
Aroma of festive European breads wafts through holiday kitchens
Some thoughts on peace contests and the real world
Yearning to be free
An Italian Christmas Eve: a family gathering and a feast of fish
Yugoslav dissident trial opens after four days of false starts
News In Brief
Waterlilies: beautiful, prolific, easy to grow
Trial of Sharon vs. Time to start today
News In Brief
New Delhi turns to rebuilding
News In Brief
De Palma's 'Body Double': sometimes striking, basically second-rate
Mr. Ortega's problems
How can closed societies be opened up?
Jury still out on effect of 'early calls' on voters
A lively Chinese newspaper - run by children - tries to turn a profit in Shanghai
LEXINGTON: Virginia, that is!
What happened to the '50s crowd? They're all building street rods
Basketmaking in China: artistic, decorative, practical, NANCY KUHL
'Every executive ... his responsibilities'
Entertaining with elegance: fabulous finger food
News In Brief
George Meredith on kinds of comedy
'Cold peace' between Egypt, Israel begins to thaw
Complete festive meals with vegetables dressed in their holiday best
Reagan and the FDR touch
Strategy against baseliners
Buttoning down your grammar rules ... to let the meaning fly
News In Brief
An Irish specialty for drop-in guests and informal gatherings
No one has to return to crime
Income taxes may hold, but don't count out a new tax on sales
The military balance in Central America
A Feaste at Plimoth
US piles pressure on Nicaragua; Sandinistas on alert
News In Brief
Britain's ups and downs: returning miners to a climbing pound
A week or so till Christmas and you have no gifts? Here's help
Rookie Sam Bowie no smash hit, but Blazers like his potential
News In Brief
Scientists get charged up over trying to electrify plastic