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Monitor Archive for November 1, 1984

A rain song
'I saw the whole works with my own dust-filled eyes'
Will a Reagan tide lift N.E. GOP boats?
News In Brief
Mondale campaign scratches for votes in key areas
Warning - emits sparks
News In Brief
Practicing perfection
The job ahead
News In Brief
Auto contracts put industry in good shape to ease its cost drag
Musical satire has small teeth
Chrysler's best-selling K-car adds a touch of Europe for '85
'84 in context
A daughter's book touches a father's life
News In Brief
Learning a lesson from the spray-can bogey
Worsening US trade deficit appears likely to impair next year's economic growth
The life of Indira Gandhi
Harnessing floods
Jay O'Callahan: a crack storyteller takes the stage
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
After assassination, India turns to Rajiv
News In Brief
Namibia talks take new tack with shift in Angolan position
Needed: an independent Supreme Court, not a White House mirror
Poles keep calm despite crisis
Surprising South Carolina climbs polls; Indiana's sad centennial
A cleaner Boston Harbor: something state cannot afford to postpone
Mondale campaign scratches for votes in key areas
News In Brief
News In Brief
Gewandhaus at Symphony Hall
Once a space-race finishing line, moon now seen as starting gate
Mondale campaign scratches for votes in key areas
Does swing to GOP extend beyond Reagan popularity?
India's challenge after Mrs. Gandhi
Foreign-policy choice: agendas missing
News In Brief
News In Brief
Israeli leaders talk tough on terrorism

Growing up at the Nielsen; Keith Jarrett; 'Forbidden Broadway'
CIA manual damages Reagan, rebels
Jarrett's classical debut
Dr. Caldicott's remedy for a fevered missile race; Missile Envy, by Dr. Helen Caldicott. New York: William Morrow & Co. 365 pp. $15 .95.
When emotion goes untamed, three movies suffer
News In Brief
News In Brief
Optimism finds new voice in one of Hub's traditional communities
RAJIV: The dynasty continues