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Monitor Archive for October 5, 1984

Deadlock over Pentagon role holds up passage of bill regulating exports
'84 auto sales in US hit best pace in five years
Already part dragon
Between soft covers
A Clubbable Woman, by Reginald Hill. Woodstock, Vt.: The Countryman Press/A Foul Play Press Book. 256 pp. $12.95. (Pub. 9/28/84.); Deadheads, by Reg...
Editor's choice; The Essays, Articles, and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh, edited by Donat Gallagher. Boston, Toronto: Little, Brown. 662pp. $40.
Better economy, slow dairy production are lapping up milk glut
Reading the rags
Penderecki's stirring new 'Polish Requiem': unabashedly sacred
Fitzgerald steps down from the Book Club
A sampling of public-policy think tanks
US sweet-and-sour recipe for Manila
A stronger Mexico wins long-range grace to pay off foreign debt
America: sleight of feet
Clairol scholarships aid women over 30 in reaching career goals
China signals it's time for economic reforms in cities
Juggling with time
News In Brief
News In Brief
Baseball playoffs
Mary's Picnic
Gen. Westmoreland's suit against CBS could test libel precedent
News In Brief
The grace of feeling what man really is
Straight talk
Walter Alston's 'one-year contract' added up to seven pennants
News In Brief
Columbus revisited
East Germany polishes architectural treasures in Berlin
News In Brief
Demand for executives in US fell off a bit in third quarter
Boston wrangles over capping high rents and condo conversion
Twenty-eight books for children and adults to read aloud
Bronx DA is no stranger to controversy
Preparing the hard sell at Ye Olde Hippie Boutique
Gather round the hearth for fine series of family dramas
Heritage ideas that surfaced in some Republican bills
Who shall inherit the earth?
East Germany disputes its status as the most polluted country in Europe
Decline in union strength noted by rising share of hiring officials
News In Brief
Barriers and US society - church and border
A harvest of children's books from Canada
Fraser's vivid history rescues the lives of forgotten English women
The wetness of a river the dryness of a wave
University press
Ex-pilot, out of 'duty to mummy,' may rule India
Candidates plot strategy, hone skills for crucial debates
News In Brief
Bank for development in Africa gathers strength in struggle against vast problems
Young, brash, and conservative.
Mortgage-backed securities providing new housing funds
Supply-siders roam White House again
Words and music
News In Brief
News In Brief
Restarting talks: decisions for Mr. Reagan
Shiite Muslims capture center stage in Lebanon
The houseguest
Having fun in New York;
The comedy of desperation, the tears of hope; 1982 Janine, by Alasdair Gray. New York: Viking. 347 pp. $16.95.; Unlikely Stories, Mostly, by Alasdai...
GOP tide may be rising
After reading US polls, foreign leaders scramble to get on Reagan's good side
South Africa suddenly allows Cape blacks to compete for jobs
Horses on the roof
Mice and monkeys, dogs and cats; The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, by Steven Kroll. Illustrated by Jeni Bassett. New York: Holiday House. Pages unnumbered....
News In Brief
News In Brief