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Monitor Archive for October 3, 1984

News In Brief
Can't hear you, the rhetoric's running
Boston College's 'Little Big Man' of football
Pulling into Tiny's
News In Brief
Religious right throws its weight behind Reagan reelection effort
A fighting Scargill rallies British Labour Party behind him
Don't say no to turkey roll before you give it a chance
How Karpov nursed a pawn edge to beat Kasparov in Game 3
German economy at top of East-bloc heap
Dissident psychiatrist's acidic views; The Therapeutic State, by Thomas Szasz. Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books. 360 pp.
Both parties careful as Donovan case drops into campaign
News In Brief
The Met opens its second century with three memorable operas.
15-year mortgages, albeit with higher payments, have pluses
Most of Europe takes a nuclear tack
News In Brief
Labor secretary pleads innocent; promises he will be vindicated
Battles over 'add-ons' to spending bill prompt calls for rules reform in Senate
China's confidence
Miscues magnified in playoffs; Soto boosted for Cy Young Award
Contentious Boston shipyard surrenders to Navy in skirmish
News In Brief
Defusing political disagreements
Labor leadership
The marketing of the president
News In Brief
Spaghetti squash: pale yellow strands make a different kind of 'pasta'
Making ethics practical for persons, nations; Rights and Goods: Justifying Social Action, by Virginia Held. New York: The Free Press. 327 pp. $22.95.
Taking the wheel
Why IBM is plugging in on switchboards.
Sandinistas agree to put off vote if Cruz runs, opposition says
News In Brief
Labor troubles brew anew
Clash of two traditions: family farm vs. free-market economics
All is not gold in Romania following Olympic victories
Whistler's lithographs, etchings: subtlety makes them superior
Lessons of Beirut
News In Brief
News In Brief
US haste makes waste in Mideast
The boys of summer - in the fall
News In Brief
Pravda's careful editing of Honecker's remarks hints at continued strain
News In Brief
Woman in line for Swiss presidency faced Ferraro-like flap
News In Brief
What price US military bases?