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Monitor Archive for October 29, 1984

News In Brief
A 'diplomat' puts University of South Carolina on the map
To Mother
News In Brief
Poles show restraint over kidnapping case
Question now is not 'will recovery cool?' but 'by how much?'
Peacekeeping - a natural outgrowth of government policy?
Reserves to bolster social security: too high?
Looking beyond the market's drift
Mitterrand's visit to London marred by bomb hoax
Reagan's 'star wars' plan: high-tech bargaining chip?
Red is ...
Reagan vs. Mondale: positions on education issues
Behind Reagan's arms control rhetoric
Mondale's final push
Sugar beet growers' outlook is sweet - unless quotas are lifted
Telecommuting raises unions' cottage-industry hackles
Guy Burgess - a tragicomedy
News In Brief
Many US yacht clubs seek 1987 America's Cup challenger's role
News In Brief
Terrorism and the rule of law
'Little Drummer Girl': a jigsaw movie where the plot is all
News In Brief
Japanese buy-out of US ball-bearing company raises eyebrows
News In Brief
'Street-smart' children can learn to be alert, not fearful
'Crowded Earth': confronting the 'silent emergency';
News In Brief
Where can we turn?
Ducks, children, and a nuclear plant
Marcos: Philippines is not 'pet dog' of US
'Are we smart enough for our technology?' . . . asks Barbara Tuchman
News In Brief
Framing the debate on nuclear weapons
News In Brief
First student-designed stamp highlights theme of family unity
News In Brief
Who picks up the tab for today's Platos?
Ontario Tories in leadership race
'Love's Labour's Lost' lacks finesse;
News In Brief
$175 billion overdraft: to make good on deficits it will take more taxes
Maybe Johnny can't read because his parents won't let him
Will a computer free you from the freeway?
News In Brief
Democrats take minority support 'for granted,' say GOP blacks
Western world discovers Ethiopia's plight
News In Brief