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Monitor Archive for October 24, 1984

Wittgenstein: enigmatic, endearing; Culture and Value, by Ludwig Wittgenstein. Translated by Peter Winch. Edited by G. H. von Wright. Chicago: The U...
Party-platform phantoms
Restrictions in East Timor spark US concern about human rights
News In Brief
As temperatures go down, the need for proper car care goes up
S. African army, police sweep three black areas
The man who attracted independent voters in '80 tries to woo them for Mondale
The changing politics of Rudy Montejano
There's more to pumpkins than just jack-'o-lanterns or plain pie
How and when to swap securities so you can pin down a tax loss
News In Brief
Aerodynamic design: providing the shape of cars to come
Reports of Aquino panel implicate Philippine military
Jobs for Europe
Sandinistas take an election blow
Why intelligence gathering stumbles
The Stars and Sickle Forever
New runners in the race for happiness
Bruce Conner: crafting visions from film pieces
There's no trick to making treats
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
A new angle for a venerable Paris landmark; A glass pyramid for the Louvre
Benigno Aquino Jr. - the man whose assassination sent the Philippines into a political tailspin
Chernenko plays leading part in plenum; Gorbachev role unclear
Thatcher taps 'secret weapon' in effort to end coal strike
November Sky Chart
Quotable quote
News In Brief
Miniature pizzas in a toaster oven
News In Brief
Crime bill's broad changes may have little effect on street safety
News In Brief
Classroom partners
Diving into shallows of narcissism; Parachutes & Kisses, by Erica Jong. New York: The New American Library. 405 pp.$16.95.
Amid violence of Beirut, venerable American University limps on
Dolphins reach midpoint of NFL season with flawless record
Mondale's plan seeks votes in untraditional territory
In Ford's new lineup, Merkur caters to motorists who want to 'buy European'
News In Brief
Celebrate the season with hot cider and a pumpkin made of cheese
What Marcos must do
News In Brief
Just how much aid does the US give Israel?
News In Brief
Olive oil: from lamp fuel to tanning agent to cooking ingredient
Pushy directors and a peerless singer
A vote of thanks
Future arms pacts likely to rise or fall on issue of verification