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Monitor Archive for October 22, 1984

News In Brief
News In Brief
Jobs for the future
Opponents square off at Westmoreland-CBS libel trial
Missouri contest for governor a classic conservative-liberal race
Florida citrus seeks to rise from a 1-2 punch
Sweet side of life in Cloverport
News In Brief
From a book-loving family
News In Brief
Functional innovations from carmakers and their creative crews
News In Brief
Quotable quote
Chivalrous past and sordid present of Sicilian Mafia
AFL-CIO trying to rally membership behind Mondale
Keep your hands on track during swing
Spiritual voting rights
US lays low in Beirut one year later
In a small town, children need more than scenery
Efforts to reconcile Syria's Assad and PLO chief Arafat collapse
When it comes to forecasting the winter, Russians trust berries over bureaucrats
Good for Hong Kong; wrong for Taiwan
Bridging the gap from rural high school to top college
Record flow of investor money spurs commercial construction
Good-news, bad-news upshot: bull market
Spain's drive to join Common Market turns into windmill-tilting
Song in their hearts
News In Brief
Salvadorean officials optimistic about new peace talks
Nonfiction selections to read on autumn evenings
Britain, South Africa at odds
News In Brief
Zimbabwe gears up for hot election battle
News In Brief
A kind of self-portrait
US auto industry springs back with new products and verve
News In Brief
World awaits OPEC reaction to oil price cuts
Pointing with pride at economic path also exposes some brambles
Prison standards
Violence in Basque region: No. 1 threat to Spain's stability
Congress: wrestling with family issues
Good for Hong Kong; wrong for Taiwan
'Modern Meat' raises tough questions for consumers to chew on; Modern Meat: Antibiotics, Hormones, and the Pharmaceutical Farm, by Orville Schell. N...
Steve Reich: confronting the nuclear question with pulsing rhythms
Why the press was the loser in this year's presidential debates
Who needs to read?
Patience, common sense still pay off in complex world of car-buying
The modest, magical world of John Wilde: art that soars
Bush takes on slugger role in GOP campaign
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Wresting Stanley Cup from champion Oilers a tall hockey order