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Monitor Archive for October 19, 1984

More women enter science fields. But they face advancement hurdles
News In Brief
New mileage deductions put cash in drivers' pockets
News In Brief
News In Brief
18th-century enameling thrives in modern-day England
News In Brief
The race issue in presidential politics
OTC market no longer just a bit player
After 2,000 years in India, a Jewish community nears extinction
Syrians grumble at crackdown on smuggling
The judge smiled
Resplendent theater from the Royal Shakespeareans
Canadian auto workers drive for higher wages
Bush plays 'answer man' in Oregon
Australian Aborigines tackle state on land rights
Pretrial detention: handle with care
News In Brief
News In Brief
How to size up alternative rates of return on that nest egg of yours
CIA conduct
Outspoken ex-admiral says Pentagon overspends, superpowers are 'overarmed'
News In Brief
War secrets: what we say and what we don't
Jeff Kemp following in father's footsteps as pro quarterback
News In Brief
News In Brief
The impact of falling oil prices
Foreign policy strides into debate spotlight
News In Brief
News In Brief
Marcos under pressure to fire top Filipino general
Avoiding go-go funds that might go-go down in shaky markets
A novel on behalf of lonely, middle-aged professional women; Foreign Affairs, by Alison Lurie. New York: Random House. 291 pp. $15.95.
News In Brief
Washington at Yorktown
Picking your broker depends on your goals
J. Q. Citizen: assets - $8,400; liabilities - $4,600
Fred Friendly wants Americans to get to know their Constitution
Fitting your investments to the forecasts for '85
Are you fully employed?
Take a look at the latest blinds - 'micro-minis'

Next month: Your retirement
Offbeat investing can be Captain Marvelous; The Almanac of Investments, Edited by Alan Crittenden, Novato, Calif: Crittenden Books. 514 pp. $24.95.
Ferraro hones campaign skills on the hustings
Role of Ver family in military
The changing face of anti-Semitism
Duarte-rebel meeting hints tide may be turning against leftists in Central America
Oil's impact
News In Brief
Turkey battles Kurdish rebels
Jobless managers in greener areas
Give me liberty, and give me lunch
Soviets seek to capitalize on US frustrations in the Middle East
TV image informs, but doesn't reveal candidates' political skills, experts say
China tries to 'perfect' economy with capitalism