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Monitor Archive for October 15, 1984

Business knuckling down on its health bill
News In Brief
Nature walks yield a wealth of materials for creative indoor fun
Alan Trammell is key to success of Tigers at bat and in the field
Sizing up the economy isn't as simple as the debates on TV suggest
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Always the guest of God
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Violence rocks Britain - from coal mines to IRA bomb in Brighton
Beckmann: grandeur but not greatness
News In Brief
Reagan whistle-stop tour: a special event despite the politics
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Too much 'peace' in Olive Branch?
News In Brief
Brooklyn's cresting 'Next Wave'
From wheat to vegetables, Soviet harvest falls short
As election nears, new Greek opposition leader turns up the heat
Despite loopholes and objections, UN close to adopting anti-torture convention
Where do you go for adventure?
Cable's menu
President of NYU assesses Reagan's impact on education
Salvador hopes rise as Duarte, rebels talk
A book on the big names in Big Business; The Rise and Fall of the Conglomerate Kings, by Robert Sobel. New York: Stein & Day. 240 pp. $19.95.
Democrat ticket stokes momentum
Ideophobia - a threat to America's freedom of expression
News In Brief
The Reagan-Mondale TV blitzes are about to begin
Sputtering finish
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ISSUES '84 Where The Candidates Stand On Foreign Policy; Reagan
News In Brief
ISSUES '84 Where The Candidates Stand On Foreign Policy; Mondale
Demystifying the 'enlightened machine'
A Nobel poet's 'liberating image'
Moments to ponder

Seclusion, not isolation
West Germany - an appreciation
News In Brief
France faces rough sailing in efforts to decolonize New Caledonia
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Lawyers lay groundwork as CBS-Westmoreland trial begins
A sparkling book on the life and death of 'Modern Music'; The Life and Death of a Small Magazine (Modern Music, 1924-1946): Monograph Number 18, by...
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There is that which holds
News In Brief
India's Sikhs are bitter as Army tries to weed out 'militants'
Campaign crosscurrents lap at the market
Foreign Service: a need for attracting the best