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Monitor Archive for October 12, 1984

In Italy, opera's mass appeal has them singing in their seats
New Contest: Academia VS. Athletics; Sports: the risky road to a career
What to see; (For Sarah Katherine)
We pass the love along
If Americans don't vote ...
Ending war
US trade commissioner urges US industries to forgo protectionism
Urban expert warns against development of 'two New Yorks'
Studying up on all the latest studies
Sailing The Grenadines: a treat for the intrepid
Falkland islanders begin to put their lives back together. British troops, and suspicions of Argentina, remain as war legacy
News In Brief
In Willow Springs, auto workers shrug, vote for GM pact
Lustrous Silver City eludes the tarnish of Mexican tourism
Why those 'other' presidential candidates make the effort
Campaign strategies shift
News In Brief
Ireland in donnybrook over divorce ban
Czechoslovak poet, cited for 'rich inventiveness,' wins Nobel Prize for Literature
For baseball readers, the season's pennant-winning books
Vancouver has an urbane look, but its heart is in the wilderness
A soaring Hawk calls for early vote in Australia
News In Brief
Unsung relievers, bit player Bevacqua keep Padres alive in Series
Salary raises so far in the '80s at a 10-year low, study says
News In Brief
News In Brief
W. Europe eyes non-NATO defense talks
Questions as to need and cost put $3.8 billion Dixie A-plant in peril
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
They didn't know they were lonely
Economists look at US employment and ask how full is full?
Covering combat
Expo 86 is coming to Vancouver
Ordeal in the Arctic
The time to negotiate is now
Canadian personal computer is edged out by competition
Interview: Prince Sihanouk welcomes Reagan aid money for anti-Hanoi effort
Mideast moves show political clocks of Arabs and Israelis are out of sync
New degree program for athletes who failed
Give a home the attention it deserves
Asia allies want open US aid for Kampuchea guerrillas
News In Brief
Drama from Central America; import from China
News In Brief
Home Box Office's tastemaker to millions of viewers
Brown-bagging it with EPA's Ruckelshaus
News In Brief
Senate probe finds no CIA-'death squad' tie
Massachusetts eases bank fees at each end of the age scale
News In Brief
News In Brief
A giant walks
Fair taxes
Putting up a house in a single afternoon