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Monitor Archive for October 1, 1984

News In Brief
Spend a blissful evening watching 'Baryshnikov by Twyla Tharp'
News In Brief
President prowls US for Democratic votes
News In Brief
South African blacks say foreigners should keep investing in South Africa
News In Brief
Caribbean poverty - hope for Haiti?
Tiny worm eating away at North Woods
The CIA and truth
History, slighted in the '70s, comes back
Penguin walk
River town blends rural backwardness and gracious living
News In Brief
Relief aid gives the two Koreas rare chance to agree on something
Was it an earthquake, or just rearrangement at Supreme Court?
News In Brief
Help for poor nations is essential
Cubs-Padres playoff a duel of well-balanced 'Cinderella' teams
What's behind the turmoil in Big Oil
News In Brief
Mulroney's economic dash
Computers: a new learning experience for seniors
Battle to register young voters swings GOP's way in 1984
What computers are doing to people; The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, by Sherry Turkle. New York: Simon & Schuster. 362 pp. $17.95.
News In Brief
Utility issues sizzle while industrials waffle
There she goes
News In Brief
The me that is free
With Hong Kong issue settled, China looks to Taiwan
Maine potato farmers battle strong US dollar, Canada imports
A new museum for Africa's masterpieces
Don't blink: you're liable to miss a very Pleasant town
News In Brief
News In Brief
Still life
That it's Henry Moore should hardly be surprising
Pigeons on the roof, vamoose!
News In Brief
Cassavetes: cascades of emotion
Latest economic data, dip in the prime rate look good for economy
News In Brief
US, buoyant again about itself, should shun excess
News In Brief
Why the faces of Indian men welcome shift to free market
News In Brief
Lebanese leaders worry that abrupt Israeli pullout could spark war in south
Reagan-Gromyko talk opens a door
The uses of history in a high-tech society
Milwaukee Road sale may herald the end of mid-size railroads
French confident about Libyans in Chad
Life of British foreign minister Bevin; Ernest Bevin: Foreign Secretary: 1945-1951, by Alan Bullock. New York: W. W. Norton & Co. 896 pp. Illustrate...
Better farming practices urged as world's topsoil washes away
Fed meets this week amid fresh signs of slower economy