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Monitor Archive for January 9, 1984

Recovering quickly from injury
Market rallies, savings lag
News In Brief
New Zealand's prime minister denies that knighthood marks sunset of his career
News In Brief
Dickens in brief - for people who've found him unreadable.; The Portable Dickens, edited by Angus Wilson. New York: Viking Portable Library. 772 pp....
Twyla Tharp: dancing offstage and onto the television screen
No age barrier on slopes - as 70-plus ski club proves via rapid growth throughout the world
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News In Brief
Honoring the Vietnam veterans - one by one
Shift to the center
Kasparov's aggressive play triumphs
News In Brief
News In Brief
Tunable mortgage rates sound sweet to home buyers and lenders
News In Brief
Pressure mounts on fiscally pressed colleges to provide more occupational training
Bringing respect to 'decorative'art
The European Common Market faces tough challenges to its unity
Family outweighs career for today's new breed of employee
Still . . . however . . . maybe . . . .
Europe seeks exit from Beirut maze
Danish voters going conservative? That's what pollsters find
The breakthrough
It was the least I could do
Castro's Cuba
France's immigrant workers aim to leave with pride and $25,000
Taft nomination to Pentagon post erases taint of scandal
How do you compete with the worldwide tendency for boys to speak 'truck'?
The Zhao and Reagan trips
Economic boom echoes in world financial capitals
Education and reform in South Africa
Congress stops short of taking firm stand on US troops in Beirut
Putting the college back in college sports: NCAA to vote
News In Brief
Boston neighborhoods take center stage as Flynn picks up the mayoral reins
Renewed strength in US-China ties
US tries to sail between Scylla and Charybdis on Cyprus gulf
Arab diplomats on center stage in search for Lebanon peace
News In Brief
Salvador Army morale sinks after losses
How it all began - the 50th anniversary of first US ski tow
News In Brief
Read 'Marie Blythe,' but only to remember its author; Marie Blythe, by Howard Frank Mosher. New York: Viking. 455 pp. $17.95.
News In Brief
Moyers's voyage through the 20th century