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Monitor Archive for January 6, 1984

How Polish spy agency got secret data on US Minuteman missile
Dwindling labor force eases US joblessness
News In Brief
The new American poetry; Summer Celestial - Poems by Stanley Plumly. New York: The Ecco Press. 52 pp.
News In Brief
Prosecutors' racial bias may be factor in death-penalty cases
Britain chooses space shuttle to launch military satellites, infuriating France
For richer, for poorer . . .; Stones For Ibarra, by Harriet Doerr. New York: The Viking Press. 214 pp. $14. 95.
Scholarly publishing at crossroads
French plan for gradual self-rule stirs unrest in South Pacific colony
Saroyan novel becomes charming pop opera; The Human Comedy. Musical adapted from the William Saroyan novel by composer Galt MacDermot and librettist...
A finale for Martins on NYC Ballet's opening night
Checking up on aluminum wiring; restoring faded redwood siding
US and China: readying for visits
News In Brief
Jacob's Cattle without marching bands
The price of liberty: Will the university survive us?; The Western University on Trial, edited by John W. Chapman. Berkeley, Calif.: University of C...
Banking on books as art
Nigeria military tries to do what civilians didn't
News In Brief
How TV is treading on former taboos
The tragedy of Northern Ireland put poignantly in perspective; Cal, by Bernard MacLaverty. New York: George Braziller. 170 pp. $12.95.
News In Brief
Protecting Australia's Great Barrier Reef
A harvest
Grandpa changes roles with the kids; What's Under My Bed?, by James Stevenson. New York: Greenwillow Books. 30 pp.
Deploring deployment
Militant Islam makes war
Stakes in Namibia raised as Angola-S. Africa conflict flares. . .
Novelist Shen Rong and the art of literary survival in China
How computers are quietly conquering America's classrooms
News In Brief
Goalie-turned-author Ken Dryden offers keen insights on hockey
Grace, not guns, helped Jackson win in Syria
News In Brief
Poland's inner freedom
Hunger costs tallied as commission readies its report
Shareholders back Gulf, but maverick oilman refuses to give up
Between soft covers: a nuclear warning, Tom Wolfe, private eyes
UCLA's 'walk-ons' ran quite a show in Rose Bowl
Final 1983 UPI football ratings
Taking a New Year's fitness program very seriously
El Salvador
Japanese may launch computer offensive in US by year's end
Fuel-stingy Z stove: Could it be the answer for fuel-poor third world?
Cable TV show puts people on the air to sell their cars
The gap at Pentagon's No. 2 spot
News In Brief
News In Brief
Soviet refrigerators leave buyers cold as Andropov calls for better workmanship
News In Brief
Susan's Turkish was the bridge
Crime and the '84 election
Zimbabwe Cabinet shuffle seems meant to mollify West
Pain - an unreal master?
The itty-bitty night fight
Stakes in Namibia raised as Angola-S. Africa conflict flares. . . but UN observers see progress toward a solution
News In Brief
The arresting issue of nuclear warfare
Why hotel's modern fire system failed
Your news from overseas may get squeezed in UNESCO rift
An end for Zuckerman; The Anatomy Lesson, by Philip Roth.New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 291pp. $ 14.95.
Upscale 'supers' tout lily root gooseberries and fancy price tags
No money, no easy answers for bondholders in WPPSS default
Coming close together through books
A former ballerina, she now choreographs a condo project