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Monitor Archive for January 31, 1984

Shultz heads south
Trade abroad - jobs at home
Setting the tone
Two cliched offerings from the 'avant-garde' Living Theatre
So, who's going to win?
New York's more flavorful, smaller hotels
Super tuber: full-size spuds from bean-size bud
A matter of decorum - no more heirs of 'Hair'?
Pines: clues to ancient volcanoes
How US can stay out front in biotech
Kremlin may shun arms talks lest it aid a Reagan reelection
Musical chairs at the Fed: a change may sharpen money controls
News In Brief
Risk of direct French-Libyan confrontation grows in Chad
Reagan runs
News In Brief
'Hardening off': the secret of keeping cut flowers fresh
GOP's current Southern strategy: sign up as many sympathetic voters as it can
A 'new,' more relaxed Khmer Rouge
Gretzky feats, play of Rangers highlight hockey season to date
Mrs. Trollope on American audiences
Critical looks at 'Oz'; The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, with pictures by W. W. Denslow. The Critical Heritage Series. Edited by Michael Patrick...
Walking at 8:30 a.m.
News In Brief
Yugoslavia's Spiljak has no pretensions of being a new Tito
News In Brief
US food aid for destitute sold illegally in Salvadorean markets
South Africa prepares to 'go nuclear'
East Europeans take up the chorus against supposed damage from acid rain
News In Brief
News In Brief
US marks decade of special care for its endangered wildlife
News In Brief
Reagan starts from high ground
News In Brief
News In Brief
Colorado strives to keep its mountains filled with skiers
US unveils major plan to help meet Africa food shortage
Three men's dedication to one small corner of the natural world. What makes someone devote his career to one kind of plant?
Reagan: riding high but vulnerable
'The loose-leaf library'
How the Fed defines the money supply:
Cambridge, Mass., 'peace director' sets priorities amid criticism over his post
Well-organized Reagan effort shifts into gear in New Hampshire
Looking at things in a new light
News In Brief