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Monitor Archive for January 24, 1984

Apple plans to take byte out of competition with new Macintosh
It's audacious, but this 'Hamlet' misses the Bard's architectureHamlet. Tragedy ''after Shakespeare.'' Adapted by Karen Sunde and Christopher Martin...
Two stories about race prejudice - and one on how an 'average' boy went bad
Is there art after burglary?
Independent square
Daniel Defoe on wise women
Meese likely to target social issues
What makes Mac different
Kohl leaves troubles at home to confront strained Israeli ties
News In Brief
Lee Iacocca: the man who wouldn't be president
Chesapeake pollution can be reversed
Squelching pollution from video games, computers and more
In Dorado, you just have to drop by to meet the mayor
A reelected Reagan
African weathermen see more drought, don't know how to stop it
Slower rise for Soviet military
Long season's 19th game was one too many for Redskins
Not lonely but complete
Chinatown finds a new way to tend its children
New Polish unions assert their power
After 40 years, the 'King of the Road' finally arrives
A modern pilgrimage to Canterbury
News In Brief
News In Brief
But to negotiate what?
Space flight
Critics say US military staggers under the weight of top brass
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Carnegie book faults Kissinger's Central America report
Japan moves gingerly on US trade dispute
Seattle and Everett vie to become next home port for USS Nimitz
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News In Brief
News In Brief
Meadow-in-a-can brings the prairies to the inner city
Marines rarely venture above ground in Beirut these days - except for 'Batman'
'The play's the thing'
Reagan's lawman
Congress maps its list of goals for '84
Home-grown tomatoes that stay fresh all winter; resilient geraniums
News In Brief
First novel employs an Indian at college to generate irony, humor; Indian Giver, by Gerald Duff. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 244 pp. $12...
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Quick sands
Better budgetmaking
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