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Monitor Archive for January 19, 1984

New Hampshire: a prickly individual independence and a powerful primary
Japan seeks diplomatic 'bridge' to Vietnam, but no results so far
'Passione' nibbles; 'Awake' blinks; Rampal; and Stray Cats; Exhibit on hunger
'Passione' nibbles; 'Awake' blinks; Rampal; and Stray Cats; Stray Cats
What's fair in achieving job/wage equity?
Iowa GOP senator was slipping - until his opponent emerged
Students in private, public school score equally on new test
Confusion clouds Rozier's signing; coaches on merry-go-round
Women's push for 'comparable worth' aims at balancing the wage scales
News In Brief
The Holocaust through filmmakers' lenses - and two powerful documentaries
Tough talk
Afghan family finds continuity with past in US home
Sifting evidence of Soviet violations
More missiles make the rhetoric grow colder
As Continental wins its bankruptcy filing, unions seek more contract protection
A quiet Briton whose think tanks back a free market
Tax amnesty - one-time take
The Tolstoy dynasty examined by. . .a Tolstoy; The Tolstoys: Twenty-Four Generations of Russian History, 1353-1983, by Nikolai Tolstoy. New York: Wi...
News In Brief
As Shultz, Gromyko talk, Soviet SS-22s go to East Germany
'Passione' nibbles; 'Awake' blinks; Rampal; and Stray Cats; 'Awake and Sing'
Budgets are tight, but states shy away from election-year taxes
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Home video
Geometry with a paintbrush
A linchpin of US justice on trial in high court
Dial-an-appraisal service succeeds despite art-world skepticism
Angola leans on Soviets as war, economy go badly
NBC's candid entertainment chief
News In Brief
High-speed rail for US? Approach with caution, warns OTA
Rust creeps in on US policy to curb European steel imports
Prelude to a primary
Glimmers of hope as recession bottoms out in Northern Ireland
News In Brief
Washington goes ''Hog'' wild over its Redskins as Raider fans plot Superbowl piracy in Tampa
Hubbub halts renovations, leaving City Hall's walls with gaping holes
Collecting tokens of Scotland's romantic age
Opening the dance
State can help public schools achieve excellence, not just passing grade
News In Brief
Washington goes 'Hog' wild over its Redskins . . .
What can I do toward world harmony?
Bolder terrorism puts a kink in Lebanon peace
Teens take the lead in keeping intoxicated friends off the road
'Passione' nibbles; 'Awake' blinks; Rampal; and Stray Cats; Jean-Pierre Rampal
For more effective meetings, pare down that long agenda
'Passione' nibbles; 'Awake' blinks; Rampal; and Stray Cats
News In Brief
Via the Chopin Express
Despite Orwell, 'Oldspeak' - not 'Newspeak' - lives in 1984
And just plain geometry; Axioms