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Monitor Archive for January 18, 1984

Murdoch's latest newspaper purchase leaves Chicagoans scratching their heads
Stockholm: the search for security
News In Brief
'Problems are simply opportunities in work clothes'
Three who set up shop in Bellevue
Seattle area stakes claim as haven for growing software industry
Idyllic Caribbean cruises call for careful planning
US Supreme Court sides with Sony in videotaping case

Women's colleges, once a second choice, jump in popularity
Winter Olympics from Yugoslavia will be lavish TV spectacle
PR industry, looking past 'publicity,' seeks clearer role in improving business ties
News In Brief
New rights agenda
Reagan moves to implement Kissinger report
European style gives flare to New York food shops
News In Brief
Black states' support for ANC wilts under S. African pressure
Coming test of democracy in Philippines sparks disunity in opposition to Marcos
US & USSR: one step to take
A new selection of Texan, Chinese, and Italian cookbooks
The game Red Barber will see on Super Bowl Sunday
News In Brief
With a food processor, anyone can make bread quickly
News In Brief
'Lords' and 'Knights' defy Soviet authority, 'pollute' the airwaves
How rising US deficits affect your budget
News In Brief
Switzerland rocked by parliament's rejection of woman as leader
Louis Tiffany's magic: transmuting humble silica into luminescent art
News In Brief
News In Brief
Baked beans in the pot still a time-honored favorite in Boston
East Europe holds little hope that Stockholm will help revive detente
Some switching might have offset last year's lag in mutual funds
Americans, too, can sell abroad
Suriname called potential Grenada
'Heroic' Kim's North Korea seen as Orwell's 1984 by South
All revolution and no diplomacy make Iran a lonely nation
News In Brief
Sharing bread with the hungry stranger - is there an alternative?
Finishing composers' unfinished work
More than an adventure, this ambitious novel deserves attention; Mysteries of Motion, by Hortense Calisher. New York: Doubleday. 517 pp. $17.95.
If Turner flew a Tristar
News In Brief
A boulder in the road
News In Brief
'Enterprise' spotlights Ted Turner
A West Coast Reagan strategist takes a look at campaign ahead
little red wagon
Alternative sentencing