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Monitor Archive for January 17, 1984

Reagan revives the idea of a US-Soviet summit meeting
Reagan gets no applause from Kremlin
The new Mirror Theatre offers two fine works from the past
A skeptical King of Jordan launches new peace move
Glenn's game plan to jolt Mondale pays off in debate
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Sir Anton Dolin helped spread the appeal of ballet worldwide
A place of lazy days sailing brilliant, azure seas
With stick in hand, West talks softly
Democrats show their wares
Daedalus' perpetual-motion machine baits scientists in instructive ways
A law and I
Pre-Stockholm meeting airs divergent views in Western alliance
Couple's open door gives foster teens a chance at family life
Dual message
Pentagon plans for 21st-century air power
News In Brief
News In Brief
Basque terrorists active in Central America, Arab lands
Problem for Jackson campaign: how to woo white voters
Snow thoughts
News In Brief
Common courtesy
Anti-ASAT fallacies
News In Brief
Saying no to Washington
McEnroe's mastery at Masters puts No. 1 ranking in his court
Role of government under Reagan, Thatcher has actually grown
Comfort, quiet ride, space, and control identify the new Jaguar XJ-S
So must peace come
Wind chill can harm plants next to windows; sowing dust-like seeds
Nigeria learns to march - happily - to the beat of its new military rulers
Butchers and clerks strike at food chains in mid-Atlantic area
Price of bananas
The Reagan Years: An Assessment; CUTTING RED TAPE
News In Brief
There's energy in that thar slush!
News In Brief
A simple greeting
Madrid cheers as France quashes ETA terrorists
News In Brief
One man's graffiti is another's 'art'
News In Brief
Wood ashes make an excellent fertilizer for the vegetable garden
Coping with change - the art of the good literary critic; The Art of Telling: Essays on Fiction, by Frank Kermode. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Univers...
Reagan (for now) decides not to push Fed to ease money policy
Raise the shade!