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Monitor Archive for January 12, 1984

Candidate Jackson gains new credibility with Chicago voters
Solid Mother Courage; sensitive Cyrano; witty, cool Frank Stella
Coming soon! New television drama starring Bay State lawmakers
News In Brief
Not music
Putting into art what engineers put into space
A look at Klaus Barbie; The Butcher of Lyon, by Brendan Murphy. New York: Empire Books. 336 pp. $13.95.
Domed stadiums sprout across US as cities seek an image boost
Meet America's ranking bill payer
'A Woman's Touch' deals in images, nuance - not plot
To read poetry
News In Brief
Arms control in '84
Reagan's Vatican move assessed for its political and constitutional implications
College presidents want more say in sports
How Polish spy agency recruits Americans to steal US secrets
Those inflated reputations
South Africa moves to improve Mozambique and Angola ties
A nationwide boycott of pornography might do what the courts can't
News In Brief
City-state cooperation, mass transit would help ease Boston parking crunch
The Kissinger Commission: Recommendations for Stabilization of Central America
News In Brief
Democracy an 'imperative' of industrial world, aid expert says
Listening to a mirror
Art, artists, and healing
Solid Mother Courage; sensitive Cyrano; witty, cool Frank Stella
Pass interference calls stir controversy; Dantley's free throw feat
News In Brief
Companies line up to be your long-distance telephone service
News In Brief
How to stop playing tag and put the telephone back in its place
Central America is not bipartisan
News In Brief
Harvard's black faculty protests hiring policy
News In Brief
Hussein opens a tent flap for Mideast peace talks
Melons, peaches and corn
News In Brief
News In Brief
Kissinger panel asks for doubling of US aid
Despite shortages and high prices, Iran economy thrives
For a friend building a harpsichord
US helps Salvadoreans fleeing war, but critics say Army benefits
Life after the mini: London's young designers come of age
A school with a heart
North Europe tries to turns back clock on welfare state
The endless season
China's allure
The Vatican and American principles
How Cleveland Play House sprouted its new complex