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Monitor Archive for January 11, 1984

From New Mexico - flavorful breads you may never have tasted
Some new twists in international terrorism's 'theater of fear'
French way to cook goose leaves nothing but the feathers
News In Brief
Japan's feudal attitudes struggle against need for a more global outlook
News In Brief
WORLD'S NEWEST NATION; Brunei leaves Britain's nest
Better whole than in parts
Too tenuous
Labor questions Reagan economic forecast
Summitry in 1984 - still a Reagan hope
A guide to scouting the best local food in Kenya
Money fund or deposit account? The answer may be simple
Is it real?
News In Brief
Three short story collections: bleak, symbolic, sometimes moving
US Air Force prepares to flight test new antisatellite missile
Physically powerful Redskins, Raiders to clash in Super Bowl
Zhao visit marks thaw in China ties
News In Brief
Cookbooks for the adventurous and the practical
Blacks back Mondale in Atlanta - but in their hearts support Jackson
Living-room statement
News In Brief
Scientists ski and compute through avalanche mysteries
News In Brief
In cross-country, falling's okay; the tough part is figuring out how to get up
The leaves
Hunger is an elusive problem, panel finds - but critics say its report skirts the issue
News In Brief
GM shifts auto design gears
New Zealand fights teen unemployment by training youths in the armed forces
Warming up to the pleasures of a more or less blazing fire
News In Brief
How Soviets and Americans differ
New York ERA push gets mixed reviews from women's groups
Acts of perception
Johanna Meier: a voice that can fill a house with gorgeous sound
So be it
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Amusing guide to B-movies; The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, by Michael Weldon. New York: Ballantine Books. 802 pp. $16.95 (paperback).
Stoppard's 'Real Thing' is witty - and warmly human
Politics of hunger
Mexico becoming center of drug traffic despite anti-drug drive
Is Salvador using humanitarian aid in its war against leftists?
News In Brief