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Monitor Archive for January 10, 1984

South Africa hints it is willing to talk with rebels to gain cease-fire in Angola
Computer service to help home buyers find mortgage loans
'War tax' resisters square off against the IRS
China cards
News In Brief
Like mother
News In Brief
Mini-summit for the super powers
News In Brief
News In Brief
News In Brief
Homemade spray for mealy bugs, a hanging plant for subdued light
The world's shrinking forests
Angry Nigerians shed few tears over coup
India's investigative reporters find it hard to keep a job
Don't run on empty!
News In Brief
Manufacturers are cranking out coupons by the billions
With adulthood thrust upon him
Lord Chesterfield on the more you know
Extraordinary veggies produced by ordinary plant breeding
Look out, Texas! Cincinnati chili is ready for a duel
NASA looks forward to record-setting '84 launch schedule
Belt-tightened Indonesia retools economic plan as oil profits fade
Battling bacteria to keep a jump on Jack Frost
News In Brief
News In Brief
A place to shop in Tokyo where the old-time Japan still remains
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For business real estate profits, mini-warehouses rate high
Business Highlights
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News In Brief
Communist ideas on love and marriage dissatisfy many Chinese
Three diverse, diverting books for language lovers; The Garden of Eloquence: A Rhetorical Bestiary by Willard R. Espy. New York: Harper & Row. 221 p...
Department and chain stores are offering more services
Amid good news
El Salvador: could it survive without US aid?
Berlin subway pact has echoes of detente
West Yorkshire echoes Gothically of 'Wuthering Heights'
Strong dollar has consumers cheering
Year of the salad for British MPs
Romania's public adoration for leader mixes with quiet criticism
Tunisia's riots pose troubling questions
Domestic politics and incentives abroad
State and local governments added to job growth in 1970s
News In Brief
Plan to repair Connecticut roads faces long haul in legislature
US tries to stem flow of US tax revenue through Antilles 'haven'
Missing you - but with anticipation
Climate change from CO2 not to be feared
How Jackson's triumph in Syria may be both a little too early - and a little too late
22 years among the wild chimpanzees
Shortstop Aparicio may be short hop from Hall of Fame, finally