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Monitor Archive for September 7, 1983

Why Nicaragua's peasants support their government
Ecuador worries Salvador turmoil may spread to South America
Restrained US reaction may earn political points
Unusual pieces add focus and style to rooms
Truman's charm shines in letters
Argentine Peronist party chooses new leadership
West Europe angry over airliner but reluctant to retaliate
Use of computers makes personal data less secure
The thrifts are about to be freed from shackles of interest-rate limit
Sweet, cool melon: the perfect refreshment in hot weather
Corrales makes successful mid-season managing switch; DeLeon's no-hit bids
Corn off the cob in a colorful souffle
Looking afresh at Poland
Barnacles melt in your mouth, not on your ship
You can't beat those old recordings for great performances
Ireland to vote today on anti-abortion measure
Different priorities
Housewife's labor value is pegged at $7 an hour
Integrate -- not isolate -- communist nations
Nation's capital replete with cultural events this fall
Mexican food is more than hot chilies
Rich, fluent Australian novel; Just Relations, by Rodney Hall. New York: The Viking Press. 502 pp. $17.75
Eloquent first novel in Wales; On the Black Hill, by Bruce Chatwin. New York: The Viking Press. 249 pp. $14.75
Soviets say their jets 'stopped' Korean plane, but still blame US

Assassination of Aquino linked to power struggle for successor to Marcos
Gains despite recession. Unions march on in service industries

Fighting in Lebanon escalates following Israeli pullback
Most - but not all - Spaniards enjoy freer life styles
Chrysler workers play catch-up
Picket-line violence prompts call for tougher safeguards
Co-ops have profited from the challenges of hard economic times
South Lebanon braces for Israeli rule
More congressmen back Reagan on defense in wake of jetliner downing
Looking/longing/language For Stevie Smith
Why 'The Bathers' took so long
Libyan-backed guerrillas attack Chad base again
Answering Job's lament
Jet crisis abruptly changes Washington mood
Casualties high in fighting between Afghans, Soviets
If US manufacturing is to survive
Dining at Paris's Hotel de Crillon
A balanced response
South Africa's blacks: one step back for each step ahead?
Quick, easy snacks