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Monitor Archive for September 6, 1983

Helping your child in math
Technology tugs at tennis traditions
Reliability may determine survivors in high-tech race
Reeling US labor movement grapples with adversity
Fierce battle ends a lull in Salvador war
Northeastern states post comebackin income
CBs win niche as motorist-security system
Europe's response to downed jet
Dorothy Wordsworth on daffodils
Violence in Pakistan worries Army
New Zealand recoils at proposal that it become a mere state of Australia
A print can be a work of art -- but when is it truly a print?
Why Soviets are sensitive about northern Pacific coast
After egg foo yong

America's Cup, etc.

Why missile talks bewilder Moscow

Indian satellite reports trouble with power source
Tokyo, Seoul react carefully to jet downing
The light equal to 800 million candles 'beams' shuttle home
Shuttle landing brings successful flight to flawless end
'The loose-leaf library'
What to do when three players show up for a doubles match
Exhibitions of the future will be more friendly and geared to the community
Sober week, global insights, minority reunion
The battle over presidential budget policy
Libyan aircraft bomb post in northeast Chad
Israel unsettles Lebanon -- and itself

Detroit court to consider charges against church in child case
Chilean politicians return from exile

Lebanon Army stands back from Druze-Christian fighting
Liberalized trade policy urged for world recovery
US continues talks with USSR
'. . . conduct unbecoming a gentleman'
US Open plot twist: young men steal the spotlight
Measuring economic progress in a more complex world
Kremlin's comments on air tragedy echo its political rules
Dealing with the Russians
Humility and employment
Sweeping drop in crimes against people reported
Afghans say Soviets hunkering down for a longer stay
Turkish surprise: generals get stiff election challenge
'I've never had a failure'
Long-overdue ode to some remembered teachers
Will a bill fit the US Congress? Consult 'Billcast'
Keep the 98th Congress on course
Jacksonian democracy -- 'Scoop'-style