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Monitor Archive for September 26, 1983

Lebanon ceasefire: first piece in peace puzzle
Just touch this computer's screen and it performs
Finns debate neutrality as leader heads for US
US uses world airwaves to counter Soviet rhetoric about KAL incident
After KAL 7: what should US do?
Protest clouds today's final America's Cup race

Integrity of world sports
Southern dissidents add new chapter to Chad conflict
Lebanon troop compromise moves ahead, despite doubts

Guerrillas licked? - a Salvadorean returns to his farm
Marcos warns against opposition's use of force
Obfuscation be gone
From Bauhaus to our school: learning architecture from the ground up
Nordics see irony in Soviet 'sacred' borders
The cabinet's voice
Shaped for contemplation
'Hush, little baby, don't say a word . . .'
GM's 'Japanese strategy' riles other US automakers
A 'tiger' cruise on a US naval ship
Lebanon: errors and lessons
Getting down to the bedrock of dance
Some fine - and not so fine - versions of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto
Argentina to speed up trial for subversives
Kindergarten grabs center stage in debate on learning quality
Our remedy is at hand
UFFI: a parable of regulation vs. invention
Recording events in a family's own newspaper

NCAA shotgun marriage weds players and grades
Computer link streamlines armchair investing
Continental Airlines files for voluntary bankruptcy
Workers vote to save their jobs
Los Angeles teachers reach tentative agreement
The enduring appeal of old-fashioned games
Auto industry in St. Louis returning to high gear
Anne Frank's 40-year legacy
Is there space between superpowers?
Understanding US actions in Central America

Wine is losing some of its allure in France
Fill it up

Ten inmates break out of N. Ireland's Maze Prison
It costs more to fill 'er up - as some states increase gasoline taxes
A Soviet view
A subway may ride to the rescue of Los Angeles's vast urban sprawl
Surging Dale Murphy could repeat as National League MVP
Public outcry prompts Swedish Navy to get tough with intruders
Bulgarian charged with trying to steal US secrets