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Monitor Archive for September 23, 1983

Engraph moves head office to repackage itself as a national firm
Collector's items
Anti-French words in Manitoba spell trouble for Canada's Conservatives
Congress is hung up on how to keep your telephone bills down
Portman: architecture on a human scale, but with a sense of drama
Repainting a rusting iron stairway
Airport adapts to deregulation, aims to outstrip O'Hare
Training British virtuosos -- worth a shiny tuppence
Small companies gang up to snare big-league business
UN dismayed at Reagan remark
Heron and trout, the air we breathe
Market Center sells to the South, in the South
A high-tech renaissance for textiles
American Cultural Center in Korea rocked by bomb
A singular commitment

Can it partake of new wealth and still remain distinctly Southern?
Seaports feel recovery, expand their facilities
Reagan in the Pacific
Today's books and libraries
Austrians criticize Bush speech
Weinberger's Peking trip: new stage in US-China relations?
Planting flexibility comes in containers
Textile giant finds niche at top of the line
Saudis play willing host to world's Muslims
Foreign investors add some 'zip' to the Peach State
'Ground' not an option

Atlanta, now a busy hub, was once the end of the line

Aerospace swoops in on history in Savannah
Computer peripherals push Quadram onto center stage
Seed money from venture capitalists starts to sprout
Kenya: hot political race despite one-party rule
Opportunities for arms control in space
Foreign firms may outsell US petrochemical sector in the '80s
Watt asks Reagan to forgive remark
Baltimore's Mr. September; Landry's crackdown; Borg ready to come back?
A panel that monitors the Fed sees trouble ahead
House will apparently OK 18-month stay for Marines
2 Soviet envoys expelled from Canada for spying
Carpet industry, trampled in recession, is springing back
Buckminster Fuller
Bank competition heats up but isn't forcing mergers yet
Chicago architecture: continuum of innovations
What makes it art
On getting more done
Farm sector pinched by debt, drought
French jets in Lebanon strike Syrian positions
Interest rates still the key to boom or bust in housing
US suit over container cargo terms perils longshoremen settlement
Housing upturn gets timber industry rolling again
Remarks from the Senate on KAL Flight 7
How long will US military stay in Lebanon civil war?
Learning from God
The perils of taking sides in Lebanese quagmire
Marcos issues warning to Philippine protesters
Helping to save the great Amazon River -- the Cousteau way