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Monitor Archive for September 19, 1983

Manila's financial district plunges into politics with anti-Marcos rally
Dave Casper: man in middle of Houston's pass patterns
Chile's top diplomat lambastes US press reports on human rights
Hope for uniting US society rests with schools, says Carnegie educator

Overcoming parental fears

NBC salvo opens promo wars
Afghan MIGs bomb Pakistan village
Syria reacts with threats to US Navy salvos as 'defensive' role of the marines expands

Chinese mend their ties with US . . . and with USSR
New crackdown hits student-loan scofflaws where it hurts
Down the years with a classic concerto
How strong leaders in City Hall can keep older cities running in the black
The sadhu by the wayside
Union head applauds education debate
A workable arms control proposal by Senator Hollings
This fund prefers washed-out firms
Congressional leaders try to break impasse with Reagan over War Powers Resolution
Behind attack on airliner: error, 'military mentality'
Filipino communists hope to gain from post-Aquino turmoil
It's tough to write a constitution that will endure
Sotheby's is going, going . . . gone to the highest (American) bidder
Air France uses non-union pilots to Moscow
Peru looks to mines - and US upturn - to beat slump
Some lawmakers want US to take Soviets to court over KAL Flight 7
Sri Lanka ends censorship as security improves
A treasured bedtime routine
Border pollution
Willie Nelson: you can hear the sound of Texas in his voice
Everything in its place: hints for household order
Anderson says party will enter presidential race
By way of caption
Iran renews threat to close Gulf
West Germans encourage Kremlin to lower tensions
Thatcher's crucial winter
One place where 2 cents goes a very long way
Caribbean's St. Kitts gets independence, new name
New Yorker is first black Miss America
Mr. Link hails the train
Keeping an eye on inflation
Kaufman tests, 'comparable worth'
Bush meets East European leaders
Greek reluctance to criticize Soviets creates 'crisis of confidence' in EC