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Monitor Archive for September 16, 1983

Chilean demonstrators step up attacks

The Constitutional system

Buying a Winter coat

USSR starts all-out search for wreckage of jetliner
Boat dock: where to look for some building plans
Campus equality
Arms-outlay compromise wins big House backing
Beauty pageants: the debate -- and high ratings -- go on
Suspense grows as Lyubimov's next act unfolds
In over our heads in Lebanon
Fashion workbook offers tips for improving appearance; Your New Image Through Color and Line, by Gerry Pinckney and Marge Swenson. Costa Mesa, Calif...
Thunder on Reagan's right
Indochinese join American world of politics

Two French soldiers wounded in Beirut
Researchers find fall planting does best
Men's dress for off-hours
Emerging industrial policy
High stepping
Washington state vote catches Democrats off-guard

Rouse-ification of Lower Manhattan
Ex-pilot's view of what occurred over Sakhalin Island
British political left faces hard times as workers abandon Labour Party
Accessories for high impact
Winning choices from London
Another Annie
The year of the sweater
The right face for fall
Consumer upturn helps aluminum shine
America's Cup sailing races hinge on seamanship, too
Controlling silverfish is job that calls for reliable experts
Inform the consumer, say home brokers
Senate debates censuring USSR for airliner incident
South Africa steps up its campaign against guerrillas

Designers offer ideas for updating wardrobes
Integrity is contagious
Moscow finds its nuclear umbrella a comfort in any storm

GM to retrain laid-off workers
Pinochet's failure to reunite Chile
Alone around the world
World Bank sees grim era for developing countries
Sportswear: an American specialty
Begin exit sets stage for Shamir
Waging a war of sabotage in South Africa. The African National Congress dazed South Africa's white rulers when it hit high-security police and power...
The American spirit
Low pickup in US output still exceeds forecasts
Top Reagan aides split over deficit's impact on recovery