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Monitor Archive for September 15, 1983

Kremlin toughens stance
Canadian government draws criticism on the economy
Concorde captures British fancy ... and pocketbooks
US Farmland values sliding in most states
Japanese-American internment: personal reflections on a trying time
Rookies playing key role in Dodgers' bid for NL West title
Focus on science and math
Senate OKs defense bill; House to debate changes
Now who's telling us the truth about lie detectors?
California law sets new energy-saving building standards
Two bitter Lebanese rivals have much in common
Israel is in limbo with loose helm as Begin withdraws
In space center's shade: retreat for master artists

The quality gap
Acropolis - ruins that restore us
Soviet director's challenge to Moscow plunges him into international drama
It's in the middle somewhere

As Europe readies for missiles, the mood gets curiouser
Two Davids against 'Goliath' Thatcher
What small-business CEOs are paid
Monitor domestic policy series begins today

The other end of the bridge; Brooklyn moves out of Manhattan's shadow
A celebration of that unique art form - the American quilt
Shuttle nears goal: smooth, regular operation
Bush talks with Algerians to foster nonaligned ties
A call for new technology-oriented 'basics' in teaching
Pro soccer struggles; Tippy's tip-top effort; Ivy football date
Focus on science and math, and the students
Rueful comedy from a sharp new playwright
Arms control talks reopen
American politics through foreign eyes

British machine lays pipe without digging up paved roads
Building a house: what it takes to be your own general contractor
Hollywood's turn to the serious
Helping children do their own clothes shopping
Some useful sources on school reform
US, Portugal in key talks on base
The painter and the package
Progress on loans eases international banking crisis
Priorities for the Public Schools
How an employee with tin shears and cookie sheets saved IBM money
Annoying calls? - respond with love
New-home data show rural trend
Here's simpler, quicker way to erect concrete-block walls
Peru rebel fights to 'tear down corrupt society' -- interview
Monthly Movie Guide

AFL-CIO lists companies as being against unions

Saudis want more time on Lebanese cease-fire
Soviets counter US on Aeroflot limits
A new approach to business emerges in China trade
Marginal note: in a slim book
Russian Lyubimov broke the limits of theater - and may break from Soviets
September's song
Reagan's marines