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Monitor Archive for September 12, 1983

Futurists leave ivory towers for corporate high-rises
Navratilova's US Open victory ends decade of frustration
'International opera' at the 1984 Olympics
Economic recovery must be protected, says IMF
Analysts advise selectivity; Smokestack stocks not so attractive this time around
US cites new evidence on jet
Syria's role in 'war of the mountains'
Aquino brother warns against Reagan visit
Berry Brazelton: common-sense child-raising
Detroit turns a corner
Soviet director's defiant act in London
Things I liked, (To my mother on Valentine's Day)
The barometer of moral courage
True to his name
Pope condemns abortion, stresses family values
Gromyko offers to meet Western peace group
FBI reports 3% drop in serious crime
Shuttling toward a space policy
Chile's top officers push reform in bid to save military rule
In the news: Soviet attack on a passenger plane
After the Korean jetliner tragedy
Putting the squeeze on carmakers who sell 'lemons'
Congress returns to face a stronger Ronald Reagan. Jetliner fallout will help MX, but may not extend to Lebanon
Who was that masked adman?
America's cup. US supremacy in world's premier yacht race faces serious challenge from Australian boat

N.Y. City Ballet delights London audiences

Unlike in US, French and Italians back troops in Lebanon
Father and son at the Bauhaus

The Philippines: US credibility at stake
Soviets differ with themselves on airline downing
Third world countries waver on jet resolution
The press isn't soft on Reagan
South African Parliament approves constitution plan

A new-style engineer catches industry's fancy
Loss of jobs and clout. High-tech vs. US labor unions
Weekend wish
Moscow may have feared cruise missiles