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Monitor Archive for August 9, 1983

For 1,100 Cuban refugees, 1980 boatlift still means jail
Why US counters Libya in Africa
Sri Lanka's Tamils find makeshift camps a refuge from violence
Making effective use of business meetings
How states can keep factories open
Mistaken reasons

Beirut's new phone book is an act of faith in Lebanon

US phone union hopes for new strike talks soon
'There's a better way than bankruptcy,' says schools expert
For 1960 decathlon winner the Olympic beat goes on
The Grand Canyon
Changing jobs to suit skills, interests

'Teleports' - economic magnets of future?

The old swimming hole
Election shows support for Seychelles socialists
France provides support - but not troops - to Chad
City dwellers

N.J. high court redefines school search standard

Winds drive huge oil slick from South African coast
Taking measure of black politics at edge of Boston campaign crowd
Good vibes
Deception in pretty packages
Cable documentary tests the boundaries of TV and 'real life.'
US-led maneuvers begun in Honduras,off coast
Guatemalan coup, ironically, may bring elections sooner
Sinking feelings in Houston as water tables seep away
West Germany's feistiest politician loses his thunder

Napoleon lost battle of Waterloo, but still dominates the battlefield
To be taken seriously, does American art have to be solemn?
Data relay craft manages to talk to another satellite
Saudis and Iranians fight a war of words over hajj
Keep cool on Chad
Libyan pilot tells of Chad raids
Harvard Business Review: a giant broadens its appeal

Training Boston minority students for jobs in the high-tech industry
East African states study plans to foster economic cooperation

Progressing in your job
With new US-Soviet grain deal sown, nonfarm exporters are waiting in line

Stocks with a sort of 3-for-2 feature are sometimes market bargains
Canyon de Chelly
Issues favor Reagan as his 'de facto' race moves along